Ermahgerd, blergin!

Well, hello there. It has been awhile since I’ve posted anything here. I’ve been busy doing summer time things in the summer here in Seattle. It has been a beautiful time of year and being outside was on my mind more than posting entries on my internet journal.

But, I really should be posting more, especially if I want to hit my goal of 100 blog posts for this year. It’s okay if I don’t hit that goal as it really is more about quality over quantity, but the goal was set thinking it would be a way to make blogging my thoughts and projects a bigger part of my life. Thinking about this more it makes me think about how I want to post things to the internet in general. Lately, I’ve been much more of a content consumer than a content creator and to be honest I have been okay with it. It’s given me more time to just do stuff that I find fun and interesting, like spending time with my super amazing wife Cassidy.

I started to think about shuttering this blog or posting less regularly. As I think about it more I’ve decided I want to create stuff as being creative is super fun and is really what I enjoy doing. Plus, I’ve shut down old blogs before and didn’t want this to go that route.

So, I will be posting more here, but it will look different. I am thinking this will become more of the hub I post everything. This will mean that my posts will likely be more frequent, but they won’t be as long form as previous ones. Some will be quick thoughts and others may be a picture with a quick blurb. From time to time I’m sure I will make time for writing more refined posts, provided I have time.

I think I will also venture into more creative projects here, like silly drawings and poems and stuff like that. I might even get my podcast back up and going. I recently had the idea of doing an audio podcast as a way to randomly release new music for people to space out to and think about how flat pancakes are.

Anyways, I hope you enjoy it.

The end of the year is nigh! – Happy New Year to everyone

The last day of the year feels like a good day for a blog post. I really enjoy celebrating the coming of a new year. It is a great opportunity to reflect on the past year of your life and see what you enjoyed and what you would have preferred never happened, even to your worst enemy. Most people don’t like the reflection part and just go for the celebrating. I assume this is because reflection on one’s life is a one way ticket to a rabbit hole of worrying about one’s mortality. But, I still think it is important.

This past year I have made some big strides in learning code and making code a part of my work which I plan to continue in 2016. I made the trip of a lifetime to Japan with the best partner for my lifetime. Who is my amazing wife Cassidy if that is unclear in any way. Overall, I am really happy with how 2015 went and I look forward to working harder in 2016 towards new goals. When it comes to a new year I don’t like the idea of resolutions. Resolving to do something feels like setting up failure which doesn’t feel good. It feels like you are flipping a switch to make something good happen when life doesn’t work that way. For real change to happen real work needs to be put in. Instead I try to view them as challenges for the new year. It helps me to keep them in the back of my mind throughout the year and if I don’t complete them I can at least measure how close I came and what I could have done differently to accomplish them. All in all, personal growth happens. Huzzah!

This time of year the most common thing I see online is people talking about how much the last year sucked and how they are looking forward to the next year because it won’t be the last year that just happened which was crappy. The thing is that this happens year after year and in some cases it is the same people saying it every year.

Now, I’m not making any claim to have all knowledge of people’s lives and there is no way I can truly know how the last year of someone’s life was because I am not them. But, if you find yourself thinking this kind of stuff I suggest you try looking back at the past year and asking yourself what you could have done differently. Of course, there are the inescapable tragedies that happen in our lives which are beyond our control. I’m not telling people to ask themselves what they could have done differently in those situations. Sometimes the chaotic universe throws us a curveball and we have to find a way through the mess. But, in many moments in our lives we have the opportunity to make decisions. It is those moments I suggest people reflect on. Ask yourself, could I have made some better choices?

It may seem like the universe is a random place where nothing is controlled by anything. As an atheist this is my general view in many regards. But, there are plenty of moments in our lives where we have a chance to do something and what decision we make can greatly affect our lives. We have a lot more control than we give ourselves credit. I see a lot of people who put blame on the events of their lives for things not turning out a certain way. I also see lots of other people who have similar events, but take charge of their decisions and succeed. I’m not trying to preach to anybody here as that is not the intent of this post, but I just want to offer some perspective that we can accomplish the things we want. We just need to decide to do so.

So, Happy New Year everyone! I don’t know about you, but I’m all outta bubblegum. Let’s kick 2016’s ass!