Which photo of a baby doll’s head on a telephone wire is creepier?

Not so long ago Cassidy and I spent the afternoon going to the EMP to see the Star Trek exhibit. On our way to get food I had my camera out and snapped a few photos. One of which was of this baby doll’s head I saw hanging on a telephone wire. We were about to cross the street and I saw it hanging up there. I quickly snapped a photo and caught up with Cassidy across the street. Later on I edited the photo in Lightroom and used some VSCO films on it. I ended up with these two versions and couldn’t decide which one was creepier. At first I wanted to make it a black and white image, but after trying out a color version I was stuck. I lean towards the color version because I like the blue of the sky, but the black and white version is sadder which seems to be important since it is an image of a baby doll’s head hanging on a telephone wire.

So, I thought I would let you decide. Which one is creepier? Do you have a favorite? Let me know in the comments.

University District Movie Theater

Movie theater marquee seen from across the street
University District Movie Theater

Walking down the street I snapped this random one looking across at a movie theater. I love seeing theater still using a marquee with plastic letters to advertise what is showing or coming soon. It just feels right, like the way it should be done.

I’ve always enjoyed street photography and felt like it would be something I would enjoy shooting myself. But, I have a hard time getting over the awkwardness I feel taking photos of strangers, even if in a crowded setting. Maybe I should just stick to landscapes and cheesy shots looking up at buildings?