Black and red Space Needle

Over the weekend we spent some time at the EMP Museum and Seattle Center. Before meeting up with some friends I snapped this shot on my new iPhone 7 and edited it later in VSCOcam. I really dig the high contrast in the black and red tones. It is super fun playing with that.

Have a nice day. Your friend, the Space Needle


I took this while walking by the EMP on a sunny afternoon with my Canon DSLR. Then I edited it in Lightroom using VSCO film and some other adjustments. Recently I have been thinking about getting more deliberate with my photography. I really want to get into taking landscape shots of the beautiful outdoors we have available to us in the PNW. It is a great excuse to get outside and be creative at the same time. I think I am going to practice on the roof deck of our apartment building first and if I can get decent shots of the city from up there I figure I can take nice shots of large outdoor scenes.

Until then, have a nice day!

Space needle peeking out over the EMP museum


I took this after we left the EMP on Saturday. It was a bright sunny day and there was pretty good light out. As we were talking about where to get lunch I did my usual thing and got distracted by my camera. I edited this one in Lightroom with my VSCO films and didn’t do much else as far as adjustments go. I am trying to not spend too much time editing shots. Once I see something I like I want to be done with it. If I want something different I should take more pictures.

I like the feeling of this photo. It has a little bit of an over exposed vibe going and could almost be an older photo than it is in reality.

Space Needle sunset – film photography on a rooftop

Taken with a Nikon EM 35mm camera on Lomography Color Negative 400
Taken with a Nikon EM 35mm camera on Lomography Color Negative 400

I took this picture a couple of years ago from the roof of an apartment building on Broadway in Capitol Hill. It was a summer evening and we were hanging out with friends. I had my Nikon EM 35mm camera with me and wandered off to snap some photos from various vantage points of the roof while Cassidy talked with our friends. This is kind of a common occurrence. Anyways, hiding social anxiety with an artistic endeavor aside, I got a few good shots. This one in particular interests me because it softly and subtly showcases the Space Needle. One of my favorite things about Seattle, seeing the Space Needle makes me feel good and reminds me of how Cassidy and I pulled off moving to this wondrous place that we have called home for more than three years now.
Lately, the Space Needle has become harder and harder to see when we are out in the city. With so much development going on soon we won’t be able to see the needle unless we are standing right under it and that saddens me. As a Seattleite I feel that I should be able to see the Space Needle from anywhere in the city. But, with skyscraper after giant apartment building after new Amazon office space going up everywhere here that is getting harder and harder to do.
So, I like looking at this picture and seeing the Space Needle in all of its awesomeness towering above everything. It makes me happy. Maybe this next summer I should go back up to that rooftop and take a new picture, but I’m afraid the results would only sadden me.