The old Gas Plant turned into a park trick…

old gas plant factory at a public park
Gas Works park in Seattle

I have talked about Gas Works park being one of my favorite spots to take pictures in Seattle many times here because it is true and I like doing it. I took this shot with Impossible’s black and white instant film. I believe it was with their generation 2.0 of the film, which works really well and gives some great results. I really enjoy shooting with it in my vintage One-Step. This particular shot has an awesome ethereal feel with the soft focus on the plant. I have grown to really like the inconsistent focus of the camera and the results I get from shots. It adds to the randomness that is instant photography.

Lake Union in Black & White


I took this shot with my Polaroid One Step on black and white Impossible film. It was shot from Gas Works park looking out on Lake Union.

Lil Woody’s made my burger dreams come true because they’re amazing

Behold the Lil Big Mac in all its glory!

I am a huge fan of Lil Woody’s. They make my favorite burger in all of Seattle. It is one of my favorite restaurants in not only Seattle, but just in general. They make great food. When Cassidy and I moved to Seattle we got lucky and ended up a couple of blocks away from their Capitol Hill location. We went there pretty regularly. Something awesome they is to have a different special each week. In years past they have done themed events around the special like Seattle Burger Month, which I have participated in the last two years. Recently they did a Fast Food themed month where they made their own version of well known fast food burgers, like the Sourdough Jack, Baconator, and the Big Mac. They even did their own version of the KFC Double Down.

Back in September I had surgery on my mouth. I had some pretty bad recession happening in the front of my teeth and I needed to have a procedure done where “material” AKA my own flesh was removed from the roof of my mouth and was then grafted onto my gums to cover up the recession. It wasn’t very fun. Because of this procedure I was very limited in what I could eat. For the first couple of days I was basically on a liquid diet and then ate pretty much baby food for the next couple of weeks.

Unfortunately, this time corresponded with Lil Woody’s fast food specials. I was able to eat the first two, but sadly realized that my mouth would not be healed in time to get the Lil Big Mac before the special would be over. I was pretty heartbroken. It was the one I was looking forward to the most of all of them. I kept counting the days out on the calendar, but it just wasn’t going to be possible. I had to accept that I wouldn’t get to eat this burger that I really wanted to try.

So, in an act of desperation I reached out to the Lil Woody’s Twitter profile and poured my burger loving heart out. I explained that I was a big fan and how I was really sad that I wouldn’t be getting the burger and if I had known about the special I would have scheduled around my gum surgery. The next day I got a response thanking me for being a big supporter and that they could help me out by making the Lil Big Mac for me after my mouth is all healed up. I was floored. I was beyond excited. I read their message and yelled out “Fuck yes!” Cassidy was in the other room and asked me what was going on. I read their message out loud to her and she was so happy for me. I ran around our apartment with my hands in the air proclaiming “no one is having a better day than me!”

After being in communication with them via email we coordinated the day I would come in for the burger. It was this past weekend on November 13th. I came in and gave them my name. The staff at the counter knew who I was and were ready to go. The burger was brought out to me and I got a chance to talk a little bit about it with the cook, which was super cool. I stared at it for a moment and reveled in how awesome it is when businesses do rad cool shit for their customers.

My first bite of the Lil Big Mac

Cassidy took a picture of me taking the first bite. It was really freaking good and was totally worth the wait. It tasted just like a Big Mac, but a Big Mac made with quality ingredients by people who care about the food they make.

I am so thankful to Lil Woody’s for being awesome and making this special burger for me. It was so good.

Green and black film under a bridge and how I feel about the world right now


I took this while standing under 99 facing down the hill away from the Fremont Troll with my Polaroid One Step on Impossible Green & Black film. It was a weird and fun film to shoot with as I didn’t really have an idea of how it would come out. I tried to over expose as it seemed like the green would darken everything and shooting under a bridge doesn’t have much light anyways.

Being uncertain of how things will come out seems to the general theme in my thoughts lately. I didn’t vote for Trump because I didn’t want him to be President. I think his hateful rhetoric will divide this country even further. Already there have been many reports of people getting harassed and attacked as targets of hate and he hasn’t even been inaugurated yet.

I’m not sure yet of exactly how I want to help, but I know I want to help. I’m a straight white male. If I wanted to I could ride this out and come out relatively unharmed except for paying more taxes, probably. But, equality or the lack thereof has always struck a chord with me. It boggles my mind that anybody who lives in America would think that someone else is less than human based on something that makes them different. Our differences is what makes us stronger and betters everyone’s life. Moving to Seattle and seeing the world differently has opened my eyes to a lot of things I knew little about and I am better for it.

Not being willing to hear each other out is what has gotten us into this divided state. I will admit that I have shut down the idea of hearing out those who disagree with me politically because I couldn’t understand their point of view. The thing to do now is to listen to each other, to find those that disagree with us and hear them out, to debate with them our own view, and to find somewhere we can meet in the middle.

Unless your view is full of hate, racism, and misogyny. I can’t meet you in the middle there. That just has to go. I don’t have to respect that opinion because it has no basis in reality.

I’m not really sure where I’m going with this post. I just felt like saying something because saying nothing is part of the problem.

I’m going to start saying something. I haven’t been one to post much about politics, but I’m going to start being part of the discussion now. Call me a social justice warrior or whatever all you want. But, I want to be part of the process and have my voice heard.

Right now I’m going to start with donating to organizations doing work I think is important like Planned Parenthood, the ACLU, the EFFFight for the Future, and others. I know I can contact my Senators and Representative to let them know how I want them to vote and represent me as a citizen and I will do that.

I also want people to know that they can be safe with me. If you are feeling victimized because of your race, gender, religious beliefs, or anything else you can come to me for help. I will believe you and I will do what I can to help.

View of South Lake Union from Gas Works Park


Last weekend Cassidy went to meet a friend to hang out. I hadn’t planned on going out for photos, but Cassidy messaged me to let me know that it was really nice out and would be a good photographic opportunity. I’m sure she just wanted to make sure I leave the house since I am very good at turning into a hermit and staring at my computer when she isn’t around.

I looked outside and agreed that it would be a great time to go Gas Works park and snap some shots. I walked down there and took 111 photos in about an hour or so. This is one that I got from the water’s edge looking out at South Lake Union.

Sunset in JarrBar

Cassidy and I celebrated our anniversary by visiting restaurants and bars that we’ve never been to in Seattle. It was really fun to explore new places in our home city. One place we went to is called JarrBar. It is a small place near Pike Place Market and it was a lot of fun. The drinks and snacks were tasty and the people working there were really nice. It felt like a place that welcomes people to come in and hang out.

Cassidy visited the restroom and I took this moment to snap some pictures with my phone. As the place faces West we got some awesome light in there as the sun was setting. I didn’t feel like editing this much, as it looked great to start, but I used a VSCO film in VscoCam on my phone and did a couple other tweaks.

I really like how the lighting turned out. So far I am really happy with pictures I’ve taken with my iPhone 7.

Starting the day with doughnuts

Tomorrow marks the two year anniversary of Cassidy and I getting married. Today we are celebrating by finding new places to eat in our beloved home of Seattle. Eating delicious food and sharing our thoughts on it is something we enjoy doing together. We decided though that today needs a good start and since we haven’t been to General Porpoise in awhile we are getting doughnuts to begin our food adventure. I snapped these shots on my iPhone 7 and edited them in VscoCam.

Black and red Space Needle

Over the weekend we spent some time at the EMP Museum and Seattle Center. Before meeting up with some friends I snapped this shot on my new iPhone 7 and edited it later in VSCOcam. I really dig the high contrast in the black and red tones. It is super fun playing with that.

My wife, bubbles, and Gas Works park

I’ve said on multiple occasions that Gas Works park is one of my favorite spots to take pictures in Seattle. It has a great view of the city and Lake Union. Plus, the rolling hills make for some seriously awesome compositions. I really like taking instant photos there, another of my favorite photographic things. And of course, my absolute favorite subject is my amazingly awesome wife, Cassidy. She doesn’t exactly like it, but I could take pictures of only her for the rest of my life and call it good.

So, this photo is course a recent favorite of mine as it has all of these things. Cassidy really likes bubbles and always takes the chance to play around with them. I had her blow some and I snapped this shot.

Traveling through a concrete time tunnel

Recently spent an afternoon at Gas Works park, my favorite place to take photos in Seattle. Shooting a pack of Impossible Black and White seemed like a great idea.

Have a nice day. Your friend, the Space Needle


I took this while walking by the EMP on a sunny afternoon with my Canon DSLR. Then I edited it in Lightroom using VSCO film and some other adjustments. Recently I have been thinking about getting more deliberate with my photography. I really want to get into taking landscape shots of the beautiful outdoors we have available to us in the PNW. It is a great excuse to get outside and be creative at the same time. I think I am going to practice on the roof deck of our apartment building first and if I can get decent shots of the city from up there I figure I can take nice shots of large outdoor scenes.

Until then, have a nice day!

Space needle peeking out over the EMP museum


I took this after we left the EMP on Saturday. It was a bright sunny day and there was pretty good light out. As we were talking about where to get lunch I did my usual thing and got distracted by my camera. I edited this one in Lightroom with my VSCO films and didn’t do much else as far as adjustments go. I am trying to not spend too much time editing shots. Once I see something I like I want to be done with it. If I want something different I should take more pictures.

I like the feeling of this photo. It has a little bit of an over exposed vibe going and could almost be an older photo than it is in reality.

Saturday afternoon boldly going to the EMP

Cassidy and I went out to the EMP museum today. We are members there and always enjoy going. It is one of my favorite places in Seattle. We have been members since we moved up here. We really enjoy going to the opening night parties to celebrate a new exhibit and going out to the museum to see our favorite exhibits. Today we went out for the new Star Trek: Exploring New Worlds exhibit. This year is the 50th anniversary of Star Trek and the EMP has put together an awesome collection of costumes and props from the tv shows and movies along with some really cool interactive portions. There was this really neat one on the prime directive where you made a choice between interfering with an alien civilization or not. I made the correct choice of non-interference (Picard would have been proud) and Cassidy made a different choice.

I can safely say that Star Trek has had a gigantic impact on my life and how I view the world. Growing up I can remember how Star Trek spoke directly to me. It is some of the first science fiction I was ever exposed to and I can remember feeling it was something special, something that belonged to me. I found it in a time when I was starting to choose the things that I would like for myself. When you’re growing up your parents choose things for you to do, but eventually you get to choose for yourself. Star Trek is one of the first things I chose to like for myself. Walking up the stairs to the exhibit I had a suspicion I may have a serious emotional reaction to seeing everything. But, I was able to hold it together while we walked around everything, gleefully re-living memories of watching it all. Cassidy indulged me and took some pictures of me. One part of the exhibit is on the Borg and there is a regeneration alcove you can stand in for photos. Cassidy asked me if I wanted her to take my picture while I stood in it. Without hesitation I told her yes, yes I do.

I already want to go back and see the exhibit again, especially the interactive section where you stand on a transporter pad and they green screen you into a video so you can shoot phasers at stuff before getting beamed back.

This spooky ferris wheel brought to you by instant photography at the Seattle waterfront

polaroid b&w 3

Not long after we moved to Seattle I took a day to wander around downtown and the waterfront to snap some instant photos. I had some black and white Impossible film with me and the results were some pretty fun and spooky shots. This one of the ferris wheel is one of my favorites.

VSCO & Brunch in Seattle

We had brunch at Ernest Loves Agnes last weekend with a friend. We’ve been there a few times for brunch and dinner. It’s a good spot with tasty food. There is an Ernest Hemingway theme, which is awesome. Agnes is the name of the woman who inspired the nurse in A Farewell to Arms.

While we waited for our friend to show I snapped a couple shots of our table. These are a couple of edits I did on my iPhone in VSCOcam.