Some of my favorite definitions of NPM

NPM is super awesome and I totes heart it. First coming into the world of Node.js and seeing the power of installing modules to add new functionality to my projects I was super excited. It also made sense when I heard or saw people call it “node package manager” since it was for loading and managing packages in Node.js.

But, I quickly learned how it was much more than that and how that definition limited how one could think about NPM. Most obvious is that even though NPM is bundled with Node.js you don’t have to use it solely in Node.js projects. It can be used to manage dependencies of a purely frontend workflow. You can also find lots of awesome CLI tools for making your shell life easier as well. I am also a huge fan of the purely silly packages that exist to bring smiles to people’s faces. I keep thinking about how I need to write more of these.

Through posts online and such I have seen that the folks who maintain NPM also feel the same way, that NPM is so much more than a Node.js package manager. On the NPM homepage you can see in the upper left corner a playful definition of what NPM stands for. It changes every time you load the page. I recently found myself refreshing the page repeatedly and taking screenshots of the ones that made me laugh the most.

So I present to you, my favorite “definitions” of NPM.








Holy moly! I gave a talk about code I wrote!

As I have been teaching myself how to code I have been trying to go to various code meetups in the Seattle area. It is always fun to get into a room full of like minded individuals and hear people’s perspective on different web technologies. Most of them have talks of some kind where a couple people will present their idea on something in the realm of code. I have always wanted to give one and just recently got the opportunity to do it. I go to most of the BellevueJS meetups as they are usually pretty close to my work and are easy to get to after I leave the office.

A friend of mine, Matt, helps run it and after I put up my post regarding publishing my first package to NPM they asked me if I wanted to do a talk about that. I thought about it for a moment and said yes without really thinking about it. As I thought about it more the more it felt like a great idea. I have been wanting to do a talk about something and I could never really think of a topic. This would be a perfect subject for me to talk about as it is more about my getting over fears of putting code I wrote out into the world than the actual code itself.

So, I began preparing the presentation. I decided to keep it simple and had about five slides or so. Each one with a few talking points on them. I tried to keep it moving as I spoke and kept to the topics on the slides. I let the audience know that it was my first talk at the start which was more for me to get the nerves out than it was a disclaimer for them. It was a very receptive group and there was even a couple of questions for me afterwards. The group seemed to be mostly folks that are new to world of writing code, so it felt like a topic that resonated with them. At least it felt like it did to me.

I got some good feedback afterwards on the talk and on my package. Much like when I published the package it felt good to put myself out there. To be honest this was really more for myself than anything. Knowing that I could get up in front of a group of strangers and talk about code I wrote makes me feel really good about where I’m at as far as my learning in the field of web development. And also like the package, as simple as the presentation was, it felt great to get something out there. Now I can take what I’ve learned and use it for future things. I’m actually excited about the idea of speaking in front of people again. I plan on giving more talks about code and my views on it.

If you have ever wanted to give a talk about technology or really anything you feel passionate about I say do it. Take the leap and put yourself out there. It’s the only way to really know how it will make you feel.

I published my first package to NPM!

As I have been learning more and more about developing software for the web I have been wanting to be part of open source software and getting code I’ve written out in front of people. Part of that is writing about code here on this blog and another part is writing code and publishing it somewhere people can find it. I recently did a post about my plans to publish my first package to NPM and now I have done it, hooray! Just moments ago I published the package.

The package is an ExpressJS project boilerplate creator. It creates a simple directory structure along with some files to get started in creating an ExpressJS app. If you are interested in seeing it you can find the project here:

I’ve done some basic testing and it works pretty well. There is on occasion errors that I have to look into, but running the package again seems to work. So, that should be fun to troubleshoot, yay!

But, really getting this project out in the world is really meant to be the catalyst for me to get over my fears of putting code I’ve written out there. It may not be the most sophisticated and it may not even be the best way to do this, but it is code I’ve written and it does the thing it is meant to do. That is pretty cool to me.

Let me know if you have any questions in the comments!

Building my first NPM package

As I teach myself to write code I’m trying more and more to get involved with open source projects and to contribute my own code to the greater JavaScript ecosystem. NPM is an awesome resource I have used quite a bit in my own projects to find helpful packages and it’s time I start paying the community back with my own code.

Last Fall I decided I wanted to create my own package as a learning process, but I couldn’t really think of anything to build. I mulled over the idea and nothing exciting came to mind. I chose to not force the issue and worked on other things. I thought to myself that I should just work on other projects and as I work I should think about the processes I’m going through. If there is something I’m doing often by hand it could be a great idea to automate it with a package and if it is something I find useful others might find it useful as well. That would make a great idea for something to publish to NPM.

A few weeks ago I had an idea. I really like working with Express to build Node apps. It makes routing super easy and it’s simple to get something up and running. In the Express documentation there is mention of a project generator. I’ve tried it out and it definitely does what it advertises, but after working with it a few times I found I was editing the folder structure pretty extensively to have it the way I like working.

So, this will be my first foray into creating a package for NPM. I’m going to make my own Express project creator. I prefer a more stripped down directory structure and this will help me automate a manual task. Most likely, only I will find it useful as it will set everything up the way I prefer to work, but maybe others wil try it and like it too.

The true point of this project is to get over the nervousness I have of creating my first package and putting myself out there in the open source community. Using a simple project to get started will help me relax. Maybe then I will have an idea that might be more community driven to solve a problem I see others facing. But, that time is not right now.

I will put up a post after I publish it. Have you published your first package to NPM recently? Or are you a seasoned pro with advice for a newbie? Let me know in the comments!