Focusing on mobile photography for now

The other day I wrote about how I was using Instagram again and starting to post photos there more than other places online. As part of that I am also focusing on using my iPhone for the photos I take over my DSLR. I have an iPhone 7 and really like the pictures it takes. Also, I find that it is much easier to have it on me all the time. After all, isn’t there some kind of quote about the camera you have with you being the best one or something?

I’ve tried bringing my DSLR along with me, but it ends up being in the way which ends up keeping me from using it. Taking photos with my phone allows me to quickly take pictures of whatever catches my eye as I’m out in the world. I also find focusing and exposing the shots easier using a touch screen. Plus, it is a really fun challenge to take interesting pictures on a mobile device. I’m also trying to edit the shots on my phone as well with apps like VscoCam.

To help me take some better pictures I got some accessories from my favorite online shop for photo stuff, Photojojo. I got their Iris lenses and some other things to help get the most out of my pictures. I’m really excited to take on the challenge of mobile photography again. When I got my first iPhone 3G I took pictures all the time and it was lots of fun. I have seen some really cool results with pictures taken by iPhones and hopefully I will get some myself.

Trying out Instagram again

I’ve started to use my Instagram account again. So far it has been fun to post pictures there. I do feel like I get more interaction with people talking about photography there than on other social platforms. Commenting on pictures I like I get replies back more often and can ask about how the picture was taken. Plus, more people seem to be seeing my photos that I post there which is a fun bonus. This coupled with the fact that I am more into mobile photography and taking pictures with my iPhone lately makes it a lot more fun to put pictures there. So, for now I will be posting the pictures I take there.

I’m still using VSCO films to edit my pictures as it is my favorite way to edit digital photos, but these are done with VSCOcam and edited on my phone instead of in Lightroom on my computer.

If you want to follow along with my photos you can do so at my profile here.

Here are a few of my recent posts. Let me know what you think of them.

Screencapping a panorama

While we were in New York City I tried to play around with taking pictures on my phone as much as I could. I took a few panorama shots. One in particular was on a subway platform while we waited on a train. I was looking at it the other day, zooming in to get a closer look at it. As I got to the end I liked how the long distance down the remaining platform looked. It had this feel that something wasn’t right, but one couldn’t tell what. I took a screen capture, edited it in VscoCam, and this is the result. I really like how the repeating 33 looks in black and white.

New York City – Subway saxophone player

Processed with VSCO with p4 preset

On our recent trip to New York City we used the subway to get everywhere. It was awesome to see the various performers in the subway playing music. It is something that I’ve seen in movies and on television so much that it doesn’t feel like it happens in the real world. But, it does and it is super cool. I really admire anyone who has the guts to post up somewhere and perform for anyone and everyone. It is rad to see people putting themselves out for the world to see.

I took this shot on my iPhone 7 of this saxophone player while we waited on a train. I edited it on my phone in VscoCam.

Playing around with Hipstamatic and drinking coffee

Yesterday morning I made some coffee in my Chemex and sat down on the couch to enjoy it. Cassidy was out with some friends for the morning so I sat quietly and enjoyed the coffee as I looked outside. I ended up playing around with Hipstamatic and snapped these shots of the coffee table in front of me. I’ve used Hipstamatic since I got my iPhone 3G. It is pretty fun to have used an app for so long and to have seen how it has progressed over the years. I’m starting to really like the newest incarnation and taking photos in various formats like 16:9 and other non-square shapes.

It was a nice distraction from thinking about the historically absurd day we are sure to have tomorrow in the United States. Good luck everyone.

New York City Subway

Taken with my iPhone 7 while waiting for a subway train in New York City. Edited in VscoCam. 

Rainy day at the Statue of Liberty

On our trip to New York City last month we went to the Statue of Liberty on my birthday. Have I mentioned that? I was pretty excited. Even though it rained while we were there it was still awesome. I took this shot with my iPhone 7. Thanks to it being water resistant I was able to take pictures with it. I edited this in VscoCam on my iPhone as well.

Sunset in JarrBar

Cassidy and I celebrated our anniversary by visiting restaurants and bars that we’ve never been to in Seattle. It was really fun to explore new places in our home city. One place we went to is called JarrBar. It is a small place near Pike Place Market and it was a lot of fun. The drinks and snacks were tasty and the people working there were really nice. It felt like a place that welcomes people to come in and hang out.

Cassidy visited the restroom and I took this moment to snap some pictures with my phone. As the place faces West we got some awesome light in there as the sun was setting. I didn’t feel like editing this much, as it looked great to start, but I used a VSCO film in VscoCam on my phone and did a couple other tweaks.

I really like how the lighting turned out. So far I am really happy with pictures I’ve taken with my iPhone 7.

Starting the day with doughnuts

Tomorrow marks the two year anniversary of Cassidy and I getting married. Today we are celebrating by finding new places to eat in our beloved home of Seattle. Eating delicious food and sharing our thoughts on it is something we enjoy doing together. We decided though that today needs a good start and since we haven’t been to General Porpoise in awhile we are getting doughnuts to begin our food adventure. I snapped these shots on my iPhone 7 and edited them in VscoCam.

Black and red Space Needle

Over the weekend we spent some time at the EMP Museum and Seattle Center. Before meeting up with some friends I snapped this shot on my new iPhone 7 and edited it later in VSCOcam. I really dig the high contrast in the black and red tones. It is super fun playing with that.

Pig roast


Before Cassidy and I moved here to Seattle Cassidy’s parents held a pig roast at their house. It was lots of fun. I took this with my iPhone 4 I had at the time and edited it in Lightroom using my VSCO films.

VSCO & Brunch in Seattle

We had brunch at Ernest Loves Agnes last weekend with a friend. We’ve been there a few times for brunch and dinner. It’s a good spot with tasty food. There is an Ernest Hemingway theme, which is awesome. Agnes is the name of the woman who inspired the nurse in A Farewell to Arms.

While we waited for our friend to show I snapped a couple shots of our table. These are a couple of edits I did on my iPhone in VSCOcam.

Black and white coffee mugs

Cassidy and I stopped at one of our favorite places, General Porpoise, for some tasty donuts. Cassidy got a glass of champagne and I got a coffee. It was a couple of weeks ago and the weather was nice. General Porpoise is in an old warehouse space, so it has a garage door for the front of the cafe. On a nice day like this one was they opened it up and we sat at the bar along the door. As we sat and ate our donuts I snapped these couple of quick shots with Hipstamatic. They are fun and remind me of how much I like black and white photography.

San Francisco in the fog

San Francisco on a foggy day
Taken with my iPhone 4 and edited in Cross Process.

I took this picture several years ago on a trip to San Francisco. I had a few minutes to look out the balcony and snapped a few shots. At this time, I had the iPhone 4 and was running everything I shot through Cross Process. I was really into that app. I still enjoy the results from it, but I do wish I hadn’t put a border on EVERYTHING. Oh well. At the time it was what all the cool kids were doing, I swear.
Even without the Golden Gate Bridge or some other iconic landmark this still feels like San Francisco to me. Covered in fog it is unmistakable to me and couldn’t be any other city.

I’ve always really liked this picture of a sunflower

Taken with my iPhone 4 and edited in Cross Process.
Taken with my iPhone 4 and edited in Cross Process.

I took this picture a few years ago and I’ve always really liked how it came out. I took it using my iPhone 4 and edited the shot with an app called Cross Process. This is the street I used to live on in Petaluma before Cassidy and I moved up to Seattle. I had just left the house to walk somewhere and saw this sunflower leaning out over the sidewalk. It reminded me of a weeping willow in how it leaned over. So, I stopped, pulled out my phone and snapped the shot. Later on I ran it through the Cross Process app and got this photo.

Ever since I have always really liked how it came out. The color, focus, and how the shot is framed all really speak to me. All of this from a shot that I just quickly snapped on the camera that I had with me. There wasn’t any planning involved. It reminds me of how the only thing that matters in photography is taking the shot. It is the mark of a good photographer to see something and know that it should be captured.

I’m not saying this is the most fantastic photo ever taken, but I think it is a good example of how it’s the random shots that can be the most compelling. Do you have any randomly taken photos that are your favorite?