It’s barely been a week and Nintendo Miitomo knows me so well

My Nintendo Miitomo waving with a silly looks on its face
My Nintendo Miitomo

Nintendo has come out with their first official iOS game called Miitomo and it is hilarious. It definitely feels like a Nintendo creation. In the game you create a Mii, which you have done before if you have owned a Wii or Wii U, to dress up and interact with all of your friends online through the app. There are some fun random games to play where you can win prizes, like wacky clothes or candy that I’m not sure you do anything with or not.
The game is a lot of fun for as pointless as it all feels. I find myself giggling at making up silly answers to all of the questions it asks me and commenting on posts with one word and an exclamation point.
I really like the silly photos you can create with your Mii using random backgrounds and funny poses. This one oddly enough is very close to a face that I commonly make when taking photos in real life.
Good job Nintendo, keep it up.

San Francisco in the fog

San Francisco on a foggy day
Taken with my iPhone 4 and edited in Cross Process.

I took this picture several years ago on a trip to San Francisco. I had a few minutes to look out the balcony and snapped a few shots. At this time, I had the iPhone 4 and was running everything I shot through Cross Process. I was really into that app. I still enjoy the results from it, but I do wish I hadn’t put a border on EVERYTHING. Oh well. At the time it was what all the cool kids were doing, I swear.
Even without the Golden Gate Bridge or some other iconic landmark this still feels like San Francisco to me. Covered in fog it is unmistakable to me and couldn’t be any other city.

The purpose of the porpoise is delicious doughnuts – General Porpoise, Seattle

Cassidy and I went to one of our favorite new places in the neighborhood last weekend, General Porpoise. They serve very tasty doughnuts and coffee in a gorgeous cafe setting on Union in Capitol Hil. We braved the rain that ended shortly after we arrived and it was totally worth it.

The doughnuts are all filled with various flavors and the coffee is meticulously made. All of which is being served by people who genuinely want to be there. It’s a great spot.

I took this shot on my iPhone 6 Plus and edited it in VSCOcam. I really like how Cassidy’s doughnut ended up framed by my drink glass.

I’ve always really liked this picture of a sunflower

Taken with my iPhone 4 and edited in Cross Process.
Taken with my iPhone 4 and edited in Cross Process.

I took this picture a few years ago and I’ve always really liked how it came out. I took it using my iPhone 4 and edited the shot with an app called Cross Process. This is the street I used to live on in Petaluma before Cassidy and I moved up to Seattle. I had just left the house to walk somewhere and saw this sunflower leaning out over the sidewalk. It reminded me of a weeping willow in how it leaned over. So, I stopped, pulled out my phone and snapped the shot. Later on I ran it through the Cross Process app and got this photo.

Ever since I have always really liked how it came out. The color, focus, and how the shot is framed all really speak to me. All of this from a shot that I just quickly snapped on the camera that I had with me. There wasn’t any planning involved. It reminds me of how the only thing that matters in photography is taking the shot. It is the mark of a good photographer to see something and know that it should be captured.

I’m not saying this is the most fantastic photo ever taken, but I think it is a good example of how it’s the random shots that can be the most compelling. Do you have any randomly taken photos that are your favorite?