a man in a hula skirt dancing with a dog at a tiki bbq

a man in a hula skirt dancing with a dog at a tiki bbq
Dogs make terrific dance partners

Here’s another shot from the tiki bbq we went to as a going away party for some friends. This shot is a great example of being in the right place at the right time. A friend began dancing with his dog after putting on a hula skirt and coconut shells right in front of me. I had my camera in my hands and out of reflex I snapped the shot. It was truly meant to be.

Animal skin party time for Polaroid Week

I found out over the weekend that it’s Polaroid Week from April 18th-24th this year. Instant film is one of my favorite ways to shoot photos. The results are unique and always satisfying. These shots are from a going away party last year in October for some friends how moved to Hawaii. They had a tiki themed bbq and I thought it was a great opportunity to use my Skins Edition Impossible Film. It seemed to go with the tropical island theme.
We had lots of fun celebrating our friends and their new journey. These are some random silly shots, but they seem to capture the feeling pretty well.

A view from Lake Union with instant film

It was a sunny summer day and we were out with friends on Lake Union putzing around in an electric boat to celebrate a birthday. I of course brought along cameras and took pictures. I had one of my instant cameras with me that day and snapped a few shots from the boat looking out at the lake. These are a few of the scans that I particularly liked. It seemed that every bridge rose up as we came to it that day bowing before the might of our tiny ship.

Black and white polaroids at the Ballard Locks

These shots are a few from a cartridge of Impossible film’s black and white hard color edition film. I really like the contrast of the black and white images with the solid color borders. These particular ones came from a batch of imperfect films I got at a discount from Impossible. I took my camera with me on a trip out to the Ballard Locks here in Seattle. I’m pretty sure it was when my parents were last visiting us. The film still needed to be guarded from the sun and some of the shots may have gotten a little bit more sunshine than they were expecting. But, I still really like them and how they turned out.

Instant photography at Magnuson Park, Seattle

Right after Cassidy and I moved here to Seattle we took a bus ride up to Magnuson Park on a sunny September weekend. I remember it being really hot because I wore a hoodie the whole time. I wanted to use my Polaroid camera with Impossible film in it and at the time Impossible film was still very sensitive to sunlight, especially right as it came out of the cartridge. The best defense against this was to install a frog tongue on your camera to act as s shield for when the film first comes out. Or as I found out, one could also snap the photo and then quickly sneak the camera inside a jacket and let the film eject in darkness there. I went with the latter approach, but this meant wearing a hoodie when it is in the low 70s (Fahrenheit) outside. I got a little sweaty, but we still had a fun time walking around the park and exploring as much as we could.

These black and white polaroids are soo pictures I took last year…

I really like my Polaroid cameras and I’m really glad that Impossible continues to make awesome films for them. It is always fun to see the results of instant film, even when it doesn’t work out as I hoped. Stepping away from a digital camera on occasion is a good reminder of what it takes to take a great photo. I don’t consider myself an amazing photographer, more an enthusiastic hobbyist. But, I know what I like and what I want in a photo. So, it is a great challenge to try to get the results I’m looking for. These are some black and white shots I took last year. The black frame is one of my favorite Impossible films. It wraps the black and white image beautifully and helps bring attention to the photo. Working with this film and these cameras is still something I am trying to get down, but on occasion I get photos I feel like sharing. Let me know what you think of them or if you have any tips/experiences with Impossible film in the comments.

A day at Madison beach – instant film photography

A couple of years ago we spent a summer afternoon at Madison beach. It was really nice to sit near the water and put my feet in on such a hot day. I don’t know how to swim, something I am going to change in 2016, so I just sat at the water’s edge and got my feet wet. This allowed me to walk along the water and take photos with my Polaroid One Step. I had some Impossible color film with me that day. I have always liked how these shots came out. It is nice to think of how hot it was in these cold winter months.

Random coffee shop is black and white

This coffee shop is a place in Seattle.
This coffee shop is a place in Seattle.

I was shooting with my Polaroid One Step camera today. I had a pack of Impossible Project’s Black & White 2.0 film in it. This particular picture was taken with similar film, but not today. I haven’t gotten around to scanning the pictures i took today, but wanted to share something after having black and white photos on my mind today, especially of the instant variety. I have been really pleased with the results of Impossible’s newest version of their black and white film. The contrast is awesome and the detail of the images can be stunning. The images develop also develop much faster, but my favorite feature has to be that it is no longer required to shield the images from the sun as they come out of the camera. With the previous version you had to have a frog tongue installed to cover the photos as they left your camera. Or, as I did, you had to get really good at shooting the photo and then swiftly getting the camera into your jacket to let it eject the picture in relative darkness. Then you awkwardly place the photo into the box your cartridge came in to let it develop away from sunlight.

Today, I was able to shoot the pictures I wanted without need of enacting my cat-like reflexes to get the camera under my coat in less than two seconds. Which will be great next summer to shoot without wearing a hoodie. Things can get a little sweaty when you’ve got a black hoodie on in ninety degrees.

This shot was taken this past summer when I was walking in no particular direction over to meet Cassidy at a friend’s house. I came across this coffee shop and snapped this shot as I walked by it. Unfortunately, I can’t seem to remember the name of the place or the street this was on. I wasn’t exactly paying attention to where I was going and due to the analog nature of the photo I don’t have location data to fall back on.

Oh well, once I get the pictures I took today scanned I will be sure to post some. Until then, please to enjoy!