Examples of how my brain works

Being that this blog is titled to be the output of my brain I thought it would be a good idea to give some examples how my brain works. I have been told by some that they would like to be able to take a walk around in my mind for a little bit to see how it all works. Being the positive person I strive to be and their general concern for my mental well being, I take this as a compliment.

I have always tried to find humor in life. It seems too short and ridiculous to not have some fun while doing it. Whether it be singing the Price is Right theme song as I walk around the office at work or making such a sweet pun that Cassidy has to audibly sigh before continuing what she was saying, I try to find the fun in life. All the while doing it with a shit eating grin on my face.

Both Cassidy and I work Monday through Friday jobs, so the weekends are something to be celebrated. It is a time for us to have some fun together and get stuff done. One of the ways I celebrate the weekend is with a specific pair of jeans that I wear on the weekends. They are a little more worn than the jeans I wear to work. I do work at a software company so this isn’t really an issue, but rather is self-imposed to wear some nicer looking jeans with my hoodie. As I wear them on the weekends I call them my weekend jeans. When I get them out to wear I sing the weekend jeans theme song which is just me singing AC/DC’s “TNT” and replacing each instance of TNT with “weekend jeans.”

It is important to note that with the summer season approaching I made the executive decision to cut these jeans into shorts or as jean shorts are more appropriately known, “jorts.” So I still sing the song, but now it is “weekend jorts.”

One of my favorite pastimes is making up my own slang. Instead of saying “cool” I will often say “Coolio” because it reminds me of how mad he got at Weird Al’s “Amish Paradise” and that’s just hilarious. I also tried replacing “on my way” with “on my swayze,” but this was right after Patrick Swayze died and I figured it was too soon for Dirty Dancing fans, so it didn’t really catch on with me.

There are times when you need to confirm something is good and people will often say “it’s golden” or “you’re golden.” This always got me thinking of the movie Golden Child, so I started saying “Eddie Murphy” in it’s place. From there I got to The Golden Girls (a true gem of a television show if you ask me) and eventually replaced that with “Betty White.”

I do also on occasion positively exclaim by saying “Noodle!” This comes from the restaurant chain Boom Noodle. I had never seen those restaurants until Cassidy and I moved to Seattle. Walking passed one I thought how if I was a server there I would say “Boom, Noodle” as I brought people their food. Cassidy as always found this very intriguing and asked me to explain myself further. I thought it could be the restaurant’s gimmick that the servers say “Boom, Noodle” as they deliver your food. It would be great too because some would be super into it and others would just say it because they know they have to or they’ll get talked to about not wearing enough flair. They really are missing out on a Betty White idea if you ask me.

I make my lunch for work most days and when I’m done I will do a verbal check of the things I have and finish by declaring “Lunch is Made.” Because I often have the mind of a five year old I will giggle to myself and say “around the corner lunch is made” and laugh like this idiot.

Finally, I feel I should share something that bugs me. Cassidy and I have a shower in our apartment that requires a shower curtain. I haven’t really ever been a fan of shower curtains. I much prefer a glass door for a shower. Mainly, it is for one reason I have this preference, the shower curtain creep. The shower curtain will sometimes creep into the shower as if there is a hair dryer or other air source blowing it like the sail of a ship. It drives me up the wall when this happens. It doesn’t happen with a glass door and I can focus on the cleaning tasks at hand instead of losing my shit like a crazy person when the shower curtain gets stuck on me.

Hopefully this sheds some light on how my brain chooses to process the world around me. So far it seems to be working out. It’s a pretty fun ride. Feel free to ask any questions in the comments!

Batman plus explanatory labels equals one of my favorite things

batman and robin
Batman Labels

Growing up I remember watching reruns of the Batman TV show staring Adam West. It was one of my favorite things. I loved the boom! and the pow! and the announcer talking about bat-time and bat-channel.
I recently came across an awesome Twitter profile called BatLabels. It posts screen caps from the 1966-68 TV show pointing out all of the explanatory labels that are in the show. I had never realized until seeing all of these posts that in the show practically everything is explained with a label.

This is especially true of things in the BatCave, but many other things outside in various villainous lairs or even Commissioner Gordon’s office are labeled. It makes me smile with every post and I just love it.
I highly suggest checking it out and following along.

Maz Kanata and the Golden Girls

Maz Kanata and the Golden Girls
This is why the internet exists.

Awhile back I saw this photo on Twitter. It was posted by Stepto with no accompanying text because it doesn’t really need it. This is why the internet exists, to make connections between two things that will never meet in the realm of reality. Although, as someone who is a big fan of the Golden girls I would totally watch this at a midnight showing after waiting in line for twelve hours.
It made me smile so much I saved the image and looking back on it again it makes me giggle so much still that I have to share it with all of you. Please enjoy.