Black and white coffee mugs

Cassidy and I stopped at one of our favorite places, General Porpoise, for some tasty donuts. Cassidy got a glass of champagne and I got a coffee. It was a couple of weeks ago and the weather was nice. General Porpoise is in an old warehouse space, so it has a garage door for the front of the cafe. On a nice day like this one was they opened it up and we sat at the bar along the door. As we sat and ate our donuts I snapped these couple of quick shots with Hipstamatic. They are fun and remind me of how much I like black and white photography.

The purpose of the porpoise is delicious doughnuts – General Porpoise, Seattle

Cassidy and I went to one of our favorite new places in the neighborhood last weekend, General Porpoise. They serve very tasty doughnuts and coffee in a gorgeous cafe setting on Union in Capitol Hil. We braved the rain that ended shortly after we arrived and it was totally worth it.

The doughnuts are all filled with various flavors and the coffee is meticulously made. All of which is being served by people who genuinely want to be there. It’s a great spot.

I took this shot on my iPhone 6 Plus and edited it in VSCOcam. I really like how Cassidy’s doughnut ended up framed by my drink glass.