The old Gas Plant turned into a park trick…

old gas plant factory at a public park
Gas Works park in Seattle

I have talked about Gas Works park being one of my favorite spots to take pictures in Seattle many times here because it is true and I like doing it. I took this shot with Impossible’s black and white instant film. I believe it was with their generation 2.0 of the film, which works really well and gives some great results. I really enjoy shooting with it in my vintage One-Step. This particular shot has an awesome ethereal feel with the soft focus on the plant. I have grown to really like the inconsistent focus of the camera and the results I get from shots. It adds to the randomness that is instant photography.

My wife, bubbles, and Gas Works park

I’ve said on multiple occasions that Gas Works park is one of my favorite spots to take pictures in Seattle. It has a great view of the city and Lake Union. Plus, the rolling hills make for some seriously awesome compositions. I really like taking instant photos there, another of my favorite photographic things. And of course, my absolute favorite subject is my amazingly awesome wife, Cassidy. She doesn’t exactly like it, but I could take pictures of only her for the rest of my life and call it good.

So, this photo is course a recent favorite of mine as it has all of these things. Cassidy really likes bubbles and always takes the chance to play around with them. I had her blow some and I snapped this shot.