Oso the dog – a pet portrait under a table

On our recent trip to Maui we spent some time with our friends Julie and Drew. One day we were at their house for the afternoon hanging out and I took some time to snap a few pictures of their dog Oso. He is an awesomely relaxed dog who just wants to hang around all day in the sun. Which surprises me since he is a super shaggy black dog that I thought would catch on fire living on Maui. But, he seems to love it. I snuck down to the end of the table outside and caught this one of him, looking at me like I’m some kind of weirdo who likes taking pet portraits. Side note that’s totally unrelated, taking pet portraits sounds like a semi-lucrative side job.


a man in a hula skirt dancing with a dog at a tiki bbq

a man in a hula skirt dancing with a dog at a tiki bbq
Dogs make terrific dance partners

Here’s another shot from the tiki bbq we went to as a going away party for some friends. This shot is a great example of being in the right place at the right time. A friend began dancing with his dog after putting on a hula skirt and coconut shells right in front of me. I had my camera in my hands and out of reflex I snapped the shot. It was truly meant to be.