This spooky ferris wheel brought to you by instant photography at the Seattle waterfront

polaroid b&w 3

Not long after we moved to Seattle I took a day to wander around downtown and the waterfront to snap some instant photos. I had some black and white Impossible film with me and the results were some pretty fun and spooky shots. This one of the ferris wheel is one of my favorites.

Black and white coffee mugs

Cassidy and I stopped at one of our favorite places, General Porpoise, for some tasty donuts. Cassidy got a glass of champagne and I got a coffee. It was a couple of weeks ago and the weather was nice. General Porpoise is in an old warehouse space, so it has a garage door for the front of the cafe. On a nice day like this one was they opened it up and we sat at the bar along the door. As we sat and ate our donuts I snapped these couple of quick shots with Hipstamatic. They are fun and remind me of how much I like black and white photography.

Black and white polaroids at the Ballard Locks

These shots are a few from a cartridge of Impossible film’s black and white hard color edition film. I really like the contrast of the black and white images with the solid color borders. These particular ones came from a batch of imperfect films I got at a discount from Impossible. I took my camera with me on a trip out to the Ballard Locks here in Seattle. I’m pretty sure it was when my parents were last visiting us. The film still needed to be guarded from the sun and some of the shots may have gotten a little bit more sunshine than they were expecting. But, I still really like them and how they turned out.

These black and white polaroids are soo pictures I took last year…

I really like my Polaroid cameras and I’m really glad that Impossible continues to make awesome films for them. It is always fun to see the results of instant film, even when it doesn’t work out as I hoped. Stepping away from a digital camera on occasion is a good reminder of what it takes to take a great photo. I don’t consider myself an amazing photographer, more an enthusiastic hobbyist. But, I know what I like and what I want in a photo. So, it is a great challenge to try to get the results I’m looking for. These are some black and white shots I took last year. The black frame is one of my favorite Impossible films. It wraps the black and white image beautifully and helps bring attention to the photo. Working with this film and these cameras is still something I am trying to get down, but on occasion I get photos I feel like sharing. Let me know what you think of them or if you have any tips/experiences with Impossible film in the comments.

Into the distance, on a scooter we ride…


I took this picture on a sunny day while walking to meet my wife Cassidy at a friend’s house. I had the luxury of stopping every so often to snap a picture of the thing that caught my attention. In this case I had my Polaroid One Step with me and some Impossible film loaded up in it. I have always enjoyed pictures of pathways moving up the center of the photo to the horizon and disappearing. As cliche as it is, I really like it. I also think scooters are really rad. This picture has both, so it wins twice. Please to enjoy.