My beautiful wife on a beautiful beach – Maui

My wife Cassidy is my favorite photographic subject. She says she hates it, but I know she secretly totally loves it. She especially loves it when I post photos of her to the internet. On our recent trip to Maui we went for a walk one afternoon on the beach and I had my camera with me, so of course I was snapping pictures. Cassidy got ahead of me so she of course became my photographic focus(pun intended). I took this picture of her while she walked away from me down the beach. I like how the sun is blasting out the sky, making the horizon and the ocean seem far ahead of us. It feels like she is walking out into a vast desert to me. It also reminds me of that motivational poster with the footprints in the sand and talking about god carrying someone through the tough points in their life that when I saw it as a kid I thought it was just too convenient an excuse. Anyways, here is a picture of my beautiful wife on a beautiful beach.


A day at Madison beach – instant film photography

A couple of years ago we spent a summer afternoon at Madison beach. It was really nice to sit near the water and put my feet in on such a hot day. I don’t know how to swim, something I am going to change in 2016, so I just sat at the water’s edge and got my feet wet. This allowed me to walk along the water and take photos with my Polaroid One Step. I had some Impossible color film with me that day. I have always liked how these shots came out. It is nice to think of how hot it was in these cold winter months.