Brooklyn Bridge – New York City


Cassidy and I just came back from a trip to New York City. We went there for her to run a race and to celebrate my birthday. It was an awesome trip. One day we walked across the Brooklyn Bridge because that is apparently a thing to do. It was lots of fun even with it being really crowded as we expected. The weather was good that day and we had awesome views of the city as we walked across. I took the time to snap a few shots with my camera while we walked across and I got this one. After a little bit of editing in Lightroom and a VSCO film I think it looks pretty good.

Which photo of a baby doll’s head on a telephone wire is creepier?

Not so long ago Cassidy and I spent the afternoon going to the EMP to see the Star Trek exhibit. On our way to get food I had my camera out and snapped a few photos. One of which was of this baby doll’s head I saw hanging on a telephone wire. We were about to cross the street and I saw it hanging up there. I quickly snapped a photo and caught up with Cassidy across the street. Later on I edited the photo in Lightroom and used some VSCO films on it. I ended up with these two versions and couldn’t decide which one was creepier. At first I wanted to make it a black and white image, but after trying out a color version I was stuck. I lean towards the color version because I like the blue of the sky, but the black and white version is sadder which seems to be important since it is an image of a baby doll’s head hanging on a telephone wire.

So, I thought I would let you decide. Which one is creepier? Do you have a favorite? Let me know in the comments.

University District Flower Closeup – Edited with VSCO

closeup photo of white flower against dark green leaves
University District Flower Closeup

I took this shot when Cassidy and I were walking back to the train station heading home from the U-District after lunch on our day up at University of Washington to see the cherry blossoms. I saw this small tree peeking over a fence and snapped this closeup.

To edit it I used one of my free VSCO films for Lightroom. I am really impressed with the VSCO films. I have really enjoyed using their iOS app, VSCOcam, so I was really happy to see they have a suite of films they give away for free that can be used in Adobe Lightroom. Now that I am shooting much more with my DSLR it helps to get the same look I enjoy for my photos. I may have to invest in a few more films down the road.