I’m making a newsletter!

As a fun project for 2017 I am going to making a newsletter about the things that I like and the projects i work on. It will be similar to the content of this blog, but a little more humorous. Each issue will also be more of a hodgepodge of each subject rather than sticking to a specific subject like I do with posts here.

I am calling it Traversing the Mindscape Landscape! If you want to sign up you can do so here: http://tinyletter.com/daveskull81

A couple of years ago I tried my hand at making my own podcast under the same name, but I didn’t stick to it as, honestly, it was poorly planned. I want this newsletter to be in the same vein of bizarrely funny content, but also talking about the things I find online that interesting and / or cool. This will give me a chance to exercise some silly thoughts that I haven’t done in awhile. Doing it in a written form also should help to make it more manageable which should lead to a more successful run.

With my podcast I really just didn’t plan it out well. I was trying to do one episode a week, but didn’t give myself enough lead time to create an episode. I was trying to make an episode for the coming Friday on the Wednesday prior. It ended up being too much work to keep up and I stopped making episodes after only a few. This time around I am going to plan it better. I will be spending the next month or so planning out issues and promoting the newsletter. I will be launching it sometime in February. This should give me enough time to get good ideas together for future issues.

I will only be putting out one per week at most, so it shouldn’t be too spammy and I should be able to keep it up with the right planning. I really hope that you subscribe and check out the first few issues. So, if you are into writing code, making coffee, taking photos, or poems about bears made of cheese all while wanting links to cool internet stuff subscribe here.


Happy New Year & Thanks for reading!

Here in Seattle, WA it is 6:05pm as I wrote this post. Cassidy and I are relaxing at home before we go out for dinner and drinks to celebrate the coming new year. I wanted to take this moment to say thank you to everyone who has read this blog in 2016. Even if it was only one post that you found after googling something, thank you for checking out my brain. And if you’re one of the crazy few who has actually subscribed to my posts here, I especially thank you for letting me invade your inbox with my thoughts.

It has been a lot of fun to create this site to be the internet version of my brain. I get a lot of joy shouting into the ether of the internet (Ethernet? heehee) here. It feels really good to have a blog that I actually want to stick with and not give up on six weeks later. So, thanks again and happy new year!

Checking in on my 2016 challenges


Just before 2016 started I formally and publicly challenged myself to accomplish a few things this year. You can read the original post here. I set a few goals for myself, some of them lofty, but I wanted to see where I can get myself. I also really enjoy the idea of challenging myself to do things rather than setting new year resolutions. To me it feels more permanent, like something that I will think about all year long. And I have thought about these things throughout this year. I worked on each one and kept track of where I was with each. Some of them I accomplished and others I didn’t. But, in the end I feel like I have learned a lot and bettered myself and the life I am living.

My challenges in 2016 were the following:

  • Write my niece Olivia a letter each month (Accomplished!)
  • Perform a standup comedy set (Unsuccessful)
  • Run 400 miles (Unsuccessful)
  • Get a job / position writing code (Partially Accomplished)
  • Learn to Swim (Accomplished!)
  • Write 100 blog posts (Accomplished!)

Writing a letter to Olivia was really fun and much easier than I thought it would be. I’m not really sure why I thought it would be hard as it only took a few minutes each month. I sent out the one for December just before Christmas and marked it complete on my list.

Performing a standup comedy set didn’t happen this year because I chickened out to be honest. I have some jokes written and a basic idea of how I want to do it, so I have moved this goal to my 2017 list. I am going to make this one a higher priority this year since it is rolling over.

Running 400 miles didn’t happen as I hurt my foot and got sidelined pretty hard as far as running goes. But, I am starting a new workout routine to keep being active and lead a healthier lifestyle.

Getting a job / position writing code is marked as partially successful as I did get a promotion to support Smartsheet API users which means I work in a realm of code each day. I do have to write code in my testing of issues and I have written code to help automate some processes for one off projects. So, I am marking this one as 80% complete. In the end I am happy with my career growth and the path I am currently on in the tech industry.

Learning to swim happened pretty early on as I wanted to be swimming on a trip Cassidy and I were taking in May to Hawaii, which I did. We went swimming in the pool almost every day that we were there. Since then we have gone swimming at one of the city pools a few times. I am now much more comfortable around water and in it. It feels really good to have finally done this.

Writing 100 blog posts was a big challenge, but also a fun one. I will be honest that this post number 99 for the year, but with one I have planned for tomorrow I will hit that goal exactly. This coming year I’m not going to set a specific goal for number of posts, but I will still be posting regularly. This way this blog will still be a collection of my thoughts, but I don’t want to force myself into writing when I don’t want to.

Overall, I am happy with these goals and where I am at the end of this year. It was so much fun doing these that I am doing some challenges for 2017. Right now I have some reading goals and some code / development goals. I want to finish the main Dune saga, read the Harry Potter books, and read the Dirk Gently trilogy. This should be about 15 books, so it will be a challenge for me as I don’t read that fast. As for code challenges right now I have that I want to present a talk three times in 2017. It might be the same talk three times or new ones each time or some kind of combination of the two. I am still thinking of something related to writing code, like maybe a specific number of projects or a git commit streak. I read about the 100 days of code challenge and that sounds fun, so I might do that. Finally these is my standup comedy set goal. I really want to do that and it will be a priority this coming year. I do want to set one more maybe, but this list feels pretty good and challenging.

If you’ve ever wanted to challenge yourself to things I highly suggest it. If you are going to do make a list. It doesn’t matter where you have, either in a notebook or online somewhere, but just make it. Writing down the challenges you want makes them tangible and puts them in the front of your mind. Reviewing the list is crucial to keeping them there and keeping you on track.

You can do it. We can do it. Bring it on 2017.

Lil Woody’s made my burger dreams come true because they’re amazing

Behold the Lil Big Mac in all its glory!

I am a huge fan of Lil Woody’s. They make my favorite burger in all of Seattle. It is one of my favorite restaurants in not only Seattle, but just in general. They make great food. When Cassidy and I moved to Seattle we got lucky and ended up a couple of blocks away from their Capitol Hill location. We went there pretty regularly. Something awesome they is to have a different special each week. In years past they have done themed events around the special like Seattle Burger Month, which I have participated in the last two years. Recently they did a Fast Food themed month where they made their own version of well known fast food burgers, like the Sourdough Jack, Baconator, and the Big Mac. They even did their own version of the KFC Double Down.

Back in September I had surgery on my mouth. I had some pretty bad recession happening in the front of my teeth and I needed to have a procedure done where “material” AKA my own flesh was removed from the roof of my mouth and was then grafted onto my gums to cover up the recession. It wasn’t very fun. Because of this procedure I was very limited in what I could eat. For the first couple of days I was basically on a liquid diet and then ate pretty much baby food for the next couple of weeks.

Unfortunately, this time corresponded with Lil Woody’s fast food specials. I was able to eat the first two, but sadly realized that my mouth would not be healed in time to get the Lil Big Mac before the special would be over. I was pretty heartbroken. It was the one I was looking forward to the most of all of them. I kept counting the days out on the calendar, but it just wasn’t going to be possible. I had to accept that I wouldn’t get to eat this burger that I really wanted to try.

So, in an act of desperation I reached out to the Lil Woody’s Twitter profile and poured my burger loving heart out. I explained that I was a big fan and how I was really sad that I wouldn’t be getting the burger and if I had known about the special I would have scheduled around my gum surgery. The next day I got a response thanking me for being a big supporter and that they could help me out by making the Lil Big Mac for me after my mouth is all healed up. I was floored. I was beyond excited. I read their message and yelled out “Fuck yes!” Cassidy was in the other room and asked me what was going on. I read their message out loud to her and she was so happy for me. I ran around our apartment with my hands in the air proclaiming “no one is having a better day than me!”

After being in communication with them via email we coordinated the day I would come in for the burger. It was this past weekend on November 13th. I came in and gave them my name. The staff at the counter knew who I was and were ready to go. The burger was brought out to me and I got a chance to talk a little bit about it with the cook, which was super cool. I stared at it for a moment and reveled in how awesome it is when businesses do rad cool shit for their customers.

My first bite of the Lil Big Mac

Cassidy took a picture of me taking the first bite. It was really freaking good and was totally worth the wait. It tasted just like a Big Mac, but a Big Mac made with quality ingredients by people who care about the food they make.

I am so thankful to Lil Woody’s for being awesome and making this special burger for me. It was so good.

Green and black film under a bridge and how I feel about the world right now


I took this while standing under 99 facing down the hill away from the Fremont Troll with my Polaroid One Step on Impossible Green & Black film. It was a weird and fun film to shoot with as I didn’t really have an idea of how it would come out. I tried to over expose as it seemed like the green would darken everything and shooting under a bridge doesn’t have much light anyways.

Being uncertain of how things will come out seems to the general theme in my thoughts lately. I didn’t vote for Trump because I didn’t want him to be President. I think his hateful rhetoric will divide this country even further. Already there have been many reports of people getting harassed and attacked as targets of hate and he hasn’t even been inaugurated yet.

I’m not sure yet of exactly how I want to help, but I know I want to help. I’m a straight white male. If I wanted to I could ride this out and come out relatively unharmed except for paying more taxes, probably. But, equality or the lack thereof has always struck a chord with me. It boggles my mind that anybody who lives in America would think that someone else is less than human based on something that makes them different. Our differences is what makes us stronger and betters everyone’s life. Moving to Seattle and seeing the world differently has opened my eyes to a lot of things I knew little about and I am better for it.

Not being willing to hear each other out is what has gotten us into this divided state. I will admit that I have shut down the idea of hearing out those who disagree with me politically because I couldn’t understand their point of view. The thing to do now is to listen to each other, to find those that disagree with us and hear them out, to debate with them our own view, and to find somewhere we can meet in the middle.

Unless your view is full of hate, racism, and misogyny. I can’t meet you in the middle there. That just has to go. I don’t have to respect that opinion because it has no basis in reality.

I’m not really sure where I’m going with this post. I just felt like saying something because saying nothing is part of the problem.

I’m going to start saying something. I haven’t been one to post much about politics, but I’m going to start being part of the discussion now. Call me a social justice warrior or whatever all you want. But, I want to be part of the process and have my voice heard.

Right now I’m going to start with donating to organizations doing work I think is important like Planned Parenthood, the ACLU, the EFFFight for the Future, and others. I know I can contact my Senators and Representative to let them know how I want them to vote and represent me as a citizen and I will do that.

I also want people to know that they can be safe with me. If you are feeling victimized because of your race, gender, religious beliefs, or anything else you can come to me for help. I will believe you and I will do what I can to help.

I Halloween’d

A friend of ours works at a company that throws a fun Halloween party each year. This was the first year that we’ve gone and it was a lot of fun. I wasn’t what I wanted to be this year because I didn’t make the time get it all together. I will have to do it next year. Thankfully I have this Winnie the Pooh adult costume I bought almost fifteen years ago. For some reason I have kept it as a kind of backup costume. It is really hot and hard to go to the bathroom in, but I love it. The party had a photo booth and I got this one for posterity.

Two years of being married, infinity to go…


Today is Cassidy and I’s second wedding anniversary. One thing I enjoy very much about our relationship is that it feels like we have been together forever and everything is new and wonderful at the same time. Cassidy points out that one of her favorite things about us is the foundation of respect and honesty we have put into the relationship in these first two years of marriage and I have to agree. With her I have done the most mature, life changing things in my life, like moving to another state and challenging myself in my career. Supporting each other has allowed us to give each other the confidence to go after the things we want in life since as we make ourselves better we make our relationship better. Happy people are just that much more interesting to be around.

I really appreciate everything Cassidy gives me in life. I love her more than anything I can fathom, more than any way I can appropriately express. Cassidy brings balance to my life and helps me be a better person. Her unapologetic passion for the things she loves and her tireless dedication to others makes her the most honest, thoughtful person I’ve ever met. I can easily emotionally disconnect from things and it is usually my defense method for dealing with crap I don’t want to, but Cassidy reminds me of the importance and beauty in caring about the important things in your life. She reminds me that it is our duty as humans to care about shit. Plus, she is the most beautiful, gorgeous lady I have ever seen in my life which is a serious bonus.

Cassidy, I love you more than words and a GIF could express. You’ll forever have not just a pizza, but all of my heart.

Thank you San Francisco Giants

Though the season may be over I am still a very happy fan and looking forward to next year. I’m sure in all of the analysis of this season everyone will come back to the second half and everything that didn’t work. But, I think the second half of this season really showed what the team is made of and how you can’t count the Giants out that easily. It takes a lot of work to knock you out completely. Of course winning the World Series is the goal every year, but as a fan I’m happy to see the Giants being competitive. When September / October is coming around the Giants are a team people are talking about for the post season and that makes me very happy. Even with the year that the Giants had they were able to get into the postseason.

This season in particular was pretty memorable for me. My wife and I planned a trip to New York City this year, we’ve both never been, and you happen to be playing the Mets in the Wild Card game on the second night we were there. We went to Finnerty’s with our friends Wes and Joy to watch the game. I will never forget being in that bar when Gillaspie hit that home run. Holy shit that was awesome.

I will admit that there is a small part of me that is glad the Giants didn’t win it all this season. If they had it would perpetuate the silly even year stuff that, to be honest, I am over as a fan. I want the Giants to be competitive and go for it every year regardless of the last digits parity.

There are things to work on, so get started on preparing for next season Giants and let’s take it all next year. I will be there!

Why am I now listening to Neutral Milk Hotel and other thoughts

I’m writing this while listening to the new Bon Iver album 22, A Million. I love this record. This is my third time listening through it. It really feels like an album that should be listened from beginning to end as a piece of music instead of just one song. It has so much emotion in it. This record feels like something that would inspire someone to tears of joy with its beauty. Music has been on my mind a lot lately. How much I love listening to it and how much making it has meant to me in my life being the focus, triggered by listening to great albums from artists or groups I love.

On my commute to and from work I usually listen to episodes of the podcasts I like or the radio if the San Francisco Giants, the greatest baseball team in all the world, are playing at the time. Lately I have been trying to throw in listening to music as well. I do subscribe to Apple Music and have access to this massive library of music, so I should take advantage of it. On a recent trip home I put on the Misfits record “Collection.” Listening to the song Bullet I heard the line “Texas is the reason” and my brain exploded realizing that the band Texas is the Reason must have gotten their name from that song. A quick Wikipedia search confirmed this in the band’s biography. I tweeted about it and my shock at just figuring this out now. I mean, where have I been?

But, before you think the title of this post is misleading I should admit that I just listened to Neutral Milk Hotel’s “In the Aeroplane Over the Sea” for the first time the other day. I know, as someone who has been somewhat of a music aficionado, especially of the indie music scene, I am as just as surprised as you are to hear this news. But, of course I loved it as it is a phenomenal record. I agree with the Apple Music description calling it a masterpiece. No wonder Jeff Magnum hasn’t released new music. Is there a point to writing new music when you’ve done something that good? Could anything, regardless of how good it is, be accepted by people who’ve heard this album as good enough?

A common conversation amongst people is to talk about music and a question that comes often comes up is what is the first record someone bought. As time has gone by people adjust this to first vinyl, first cassette, or first CD someone purchased, depending on the age of those involved. I remember my first CD I ever purchased was Pink Floyd’s “The Division Bell.” Do you think that anyone will ever ask someone if they remember their first iTunes purchase? In our increasingly digital lives it stands to reason that one day there will be people who’ve never bought or listened to music through any analog means. They will have only every downloaded or streamed it. If you’re wondering, my first iTunes purchase was the Team America soundtrack.

All of this thinking about music lately has got me considering making music again. I have been in bands before and have even done solo electronic stuff. I really like making experimental, weird, electronic music. I’ve about doing a podcast of sorts recently to put out long form instrumental songs, but I think I really just want to make weird music and put out an “album” if I want. I’m going to give it a shot and see how it feels. Maybe I will release something someday. I will make sure to announce it here, because internet?

Black and red Space Needle

Over the weekend we spent some time at the EMP Museum and Seattle Center. Before meeting up with some friends I snapped this shot on my new iPhone 7 and edited it later in VSCOcam. I really dig the high contrast in the black and red tones. It is super fun playing with that.

GIFs I have used recently

I’m a huge fan of the graphical interchange format. It is a great way to express things that sometimes there are no real words for, but can only be described by an animated, looping image. I’m the kind of person that pronounces it with a hard G since the acronym starts with graphical and that is how you pronounce acronyms.

I try to use GIFs as much as I can, in one on one conversations and group chats. I even like referencing them in verbal conversations. I really appreciate how most messaging platforms have built in support for sending and displaying GIFs. It makes all of my Slack channels so much more interesting.

Here are a few GIFs I have used recently:


Slack for iOS Upload.jpg




Ermahgerd, blergin!

Well, hello there. It has been awhile since I’ve posted anything here. I’ve been busy doing summer time things in the summer here in Seattle. It has been a beautiful time of year and being outside was on my mind more than posting entries on my internet journal.

But, I really should be posting more, especially if I want to hit my goal of 100 blog posts for this year. It’s okay if I don’t hit that goal as it really is more about quality over quantity, but the goal was set thinking it would be a way to make blogging my thoughts and projects a bigger part of my life. Thinking about this more it makes me think about how I want to post things to the internet in general. Lately, I’ve been much more of a content consumer than a content creator and to be honest I have been okay with it. It’s given me more time to just do stuff that I find fun and interesting, like spending time with my super amazing wife Cassidy.

I started to think about shuttering this blog or posting less regularly. As I think about it more I’ve decided I want to create stuff as being creative is super fun and is really what I enjoy doing. Plus, I’ve shut down old blogs before and didn’t want this to go that route.

So, I will be posting more here, but it will look different. I am thinking this will become more of the hub I post everything. This will mean that my posts will likely be more frequent, but they won’t be as long form as previous ones. Some will be quick thoughts and others may be a picture with a quick blurb. From time to time I’m sure I will make time for writing more refined posts, provided I have time.

I think I will also venture into more creative projects here, like silly drawings and poems and stuff like that. I might even get my podcast back up and going. I recently had the idea of doing an audio podcast as a way to randomly release new music for people to space out to and think about how flat pancakes are.

Anyways, I hope you enjoy it.

Saturday afternoon boldly going to the EMP

Cassidy and I went out to the EMP museum today. We are members there and always enjoy going. It is one of my favorite places in Seattle. We have been members since we moved up here. We really enjoy going to the opening night parties to celebrate a new exhibit and going out to the museum to see our favorite exhibits. Today we went out for the new Star Trek: Exploring New Worlds exhibit. This year is the 50th anniversary of Star Trek and the EMP has put together an awesome collection of costumes and props from the tv shows and movies along with some really cool interactive portions. There was this really neat one on the prime directive where you made a choice between interfering with an alien civilization or not. I made the correct choice of non-interference (Picard would have been proud) and Cassidy made a different choice.

I can safely say that Star Trek has had a gigantic impact on my life and how I view the world. Growing up I can remember how Star Trek spoke directly to me. It is some of the first science fiction I was ever exposed to and I can remember feeling it was something special, something that belonged to me. I found it in a time when I was starting to choose the things that I would like for myself. When you’re growing up your parents choose things for you to do, but eventually you get to choose for yourself. Star Trek is one of the first things I chose to like for myself. Walking up the stairs to the exhibit I had a suspicion I may have a serious emotional reaction to seeing everything. But, I was able to hold it together while we walked around everything, gleefully re-living memories of watching it all. Cassidy indulged me and took some pictures of me. One part of the exhibit is on the Borg and there is a regeneration alcove you can stand in for photos. Cassidy asked me if I wanted her to take my picture while I stood in it. Without hesitation I told her yes, yes I do.

I already want to go back and see the exhibit again, especially the interactive section where you stand on a transporter pad and they green screen you into a video so you can shoot phasers at stuff before getting beamed back.

2016 Challenges half way point check in

Earlier at the start of this year I made some challenges to myself for some things that I would like to accomplish by the end of the year. Being that we are hitting the half way point of 2016 I thought I would check in on these tasks and see how I’m doing. As I publicly declared them to start I thought I might as well share the progress, good or bad.

In 2016 I have the following goals:

Send my niece Olivia a letter every month

So far this year I am six for all six months. The letter for June has already been sent. It has been a lot of fun to write Olivia and tell her about the stuff going on here in Seattle with myself and Cassidy. Going back to using pen and paper to write an actual letter has been super weird, but also incredibly fun. My brother keeps telling me how much Olivia appreciates it and how she really enjoys reading them.

Perform a standup comedy set

This one is still on the list to be accomplished. I have been writing jokes that I come up with in one of my notebooks and I’m starting to really come up with an idea of how I would like to present the set. I have also recently found some places in Seattle where open mic standup comedy is done. I have one place in particular that I think will be the place I do it at. As a bonus it is close to my house and should be easy to get to when I’m ready. Overall, I’m feeling pretty good about this one so far.

Run a total of 400 miles

This one I’m not so sure about. As of now I am still under 100 miles in total which if I was on pace I would be at or beyond 200 by this point in the year. Right now I am sidelined by a minor foot issue/injury that is keeping me from running. But, I am doing some work outs to keep up my cardiovascular ability as well as give my foot time to get healthier and stronger for when I do start running again. This is really just a sign of my lack of physical experience with the sport coming out and I need to take it seriously if I am going to keep doing it, which is the plan. I may not make it with this one, but I am sure gonna try to get in as many miles as I can this year. Next year might be the one I do this in.

Make writing code my full time work

As of the time of my writing this my job function is not writing code full time. I have started to do support for developer’s that are using the Smartsheet API rather than the standard support queue. This has been really exciting and is very interesting to me. I am also getting more opportunity in this to show off the development skills I have gained in my learning. This is feeling pretty on track as well.

Learn to swim

I completed eight weeks of adult swimming lessons earlier this year. I took what I learned there and used it to swim almost every day when Cassidy and I were in Maui. It was awesome. I’m not calling this one complete as though I do feel like I have the ability to get places in the water I am not the best yet at treading water and staying afloat. This summer I plan on swimming more at the city pools and getting more comfortable in the water. Once I am swimming easily in the deep end I will mark this as done. But, we are looking on track.

Write 100 blog posts

This year has been the most active for me as far as blogging goes. I really like the format of this blog and the freedom I feel in writing it. My last post prior to this one was the 50th post I wrote this year, so it is looking good to get to 100 by the end.

So far the goals are all looking to be on track for the most part. I feel like I am making progress on all fronts and can accomplish most of them. Rally it is only the running one that I think is in danger of not getting accomplished. Anything I don’t do this year I am thinking I will move over into next year. I will have to complete it along with whatever challenges I have for 2017. Have you set any goals for this year? How are you doing on them?

Examples of how my brain works

Being that this blog is titled to be the output of my brain I thought it would be a good idea to give some examples how my brain works. I have been told by some that they would like to be able to take a walk around in my mind for a little bit to see how it all works. Being the positive person I strive to be and their general concern for my mental well being, I take this as a compliment.

I have always tried to find humor in life. It seems too short and ridiculous to not have some fun while doing it. Whether it be singing the Price is Right theme song as I walk around the office at work or making such a sweet pun that Cassidy has to audibly sigh before continuing what she was saying, I try to find the fun in life. All the while doing it with a shit eating grin on my face.

Both Cassidy and I work Monday through Friday jobs, so the weekends are something to be celebrated. It is a time for us to have some fun together and get stuff done. One of the ways I celebrate the weekend is with a specific pair of jeans that I wear on the weekends. They are a little more worn than the jeans I wear to work. I do work at a software company so this isn’t really an issue, but rather is self-imposed to wear some nicer looking jeans with my hoodie. As I wear them on the weekends I call them my weekend jeans. When I get them out to wear I sing the weekend jeans theme song which is just me singing AC/DC’s “TNT” and replacing each instance of TNT with “weekend jeans.”

It is important to note that with the summer season approaching I made the executive decision to cut these jeans into shorts or as jean shorts are more appropriately known, “jorts.” So I still sing the song, but now it is “weekend jorts.”

One of my favorite pastimes is making up my own slang. Instead of saying “cool” I will often say “Coolio” because it reminds me of how mad he got at Weird Al’s “Amish Paradise” and that’s just hilarious. I also tried replacing “on my way” with “on my swayze,” but this was right after Patrick Swayze died and I figured it was too soon for Dirty Dancing fans, so it didn’t really catch on with me.

There are times when you need to confirm something is good and people will often say “it’s golden” or “you’re golden.” This always got me thinking of the movie Golden Child, so I started saying “Eddie Murphy” in it’s place. From there I got to The Golden Girls (a true gem of a television show if you ask me) and eventually replaced that with “Betty White.”

I do also on occasion positively exclaim by saying “Noodle!” This comes from the restaurant chain Boom Noodle. I had never seen those restaurants until Cassidy and I moved to Seattle. Walking passed one I thought how if I was a server there I would say “Boom, Noodle” as I brought people their food. Cassidy as always found this very intriguing and asked me to explain myself further. I thought it could be the restaurant’s gimmick that the servers say “Boom, Noodle” as they deliver your food. It would be great too because some would be super into it and others would just say it because they know they have to or they’ll get talked to about not wearing enough flair. They really are missing out on a Betty White idea if you ask me.

I make my lunch for work most days and when I’m done I will do a verbal check of the things I have and finish by declaring “Lunch is Made.” Because I often have the mind of a five year old I will giggle to myself and say “around the corner lunch is made” and laugh like this idiot.

Finally, I feel I should share something that bugs me. Cassidy and I have a shower in our apartment that requires a shower curtain. I haven’t really ever been a fan of shower curtains. I much prefer a glass door for a shower. Mainly, it is for one reason I have this preference, the shower curtain creep. The shower curtain will sometimes creep into the shower as if there is a hair dryer or other air source blowing it like the sail of a ship. It drives me up the wall when this happens. It doesn’t happen with a glass door and I can focus on the cleaning tasks at hand instead of losing my shit like a crazy person when the shower curtain gets stuck on me.

Hopefully this sheds some light on how my brain chooses to process the world around me. So far it seems to be working out. It’s a pretty fun ride. Feel free to ask any questions in the comments!