Hello! My name is david inden. I’m originally from Northern California, near San Francisco, and now currently living in Seattle, Washington. I enjoy coffee, code, and photography. This blog is where I talk about those things.

Feel free to join in on the conversation with comments or reaching out to me on my Contact page. You can also find me on Twitter @davidinden.

Professionally, I am a  senior member of the Technical Support team at Smartsheet, a cloud based project management software that is pretty rad.

If you like street art you should take a look at my sticker project, Finding Marguerite.

As a Disclaimer, on this blog I may sometimes mention products, services, or things made by people for the purpose of selling it for money that I used in the creation of the content for this blog.

I am in no way compensated or otherwise by the companies of such items to do so. I merely mention them because it is easier and makes more sense to say iPhone rather than mobile phone all the time, for example.

Basically, I don’t get paid to post this stuff I just do it because it is fun. I use the things that I use because I like them. Not because I was paid by somebody to write about their product.

Thank you.

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