Big batch cold brew coffee


That beautiful sight there is a half gallon jar with roughly three pints of cold brew coffee in it. It is the largest batch of cold brew I have ever made. A little while ago my jar I made cold brew in was broken. I took this as an opportunity to get a much bigger jar when I replaced it. Cassidy has recently gotten into making her own kombucha at home and wanted to purchase some jars for making it and storing it. We went to a hardware store down the street and picked up a set of six half gallon jars. This will make it so she can make larger batches of kombucha and I will be able to make cold brew again. And with the bigger jar I can make even more at a given time. It is very exciting.

In my first batch with the jar I did my usual recipe of 50 grams coffee with 800 grams of water. I knew this amount would fit in the jar easily and would give me an idea of much more room I have to work with. Eyeballing it I figured I had room to double my recipe. So, on this latest batch I did 100 grams of coffee with 1600 grams of water. I ground the coffee a little coarser than I normally do. I wanted to make sure the water got through to all of the coffee and this should help that. I still did 24 hours extraction time. I thought I might need to do longer, possibly 36, since it is so much coffee, but I stuck with 24. My thought was I would try doubling the recipe first and see the results before adjusting other aspects.

I set it up so that I would pull it out the next morning before going to work. The picture above is from right after I pulled it out of the fridge and removed the coffee sock at 7am that morning. I tasted it and really liked the results. It came out very tea like in flavor, like the cold version of chemex. I used an Ethiopian coffee from Victrola and the fruity notes really came out well. I think I might experiment with a longer extraction time to see if I can get it a little bolder tasting. This amount of coffee seems like it needs more time to pull out everything. 36 hours seems like the right next step, but will make it harder to schedule and plan out. If I make it in the morning before work one day I can pull it out the next day after work and I should be able to hit the 36 hour mark.

This is really fun for me to be able to make coffee that tastes good in big batches like this. It helps in my work towards my big goal of sourcing my own beans, roasting them, and then making my own cold brew. That would be super cool.

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