Two years of being married, infinity to go…


Today is Cassidy and I’s second wedding anniversary. One thing I enjoy very much about our relationship is that it feels like we have been together forever and everything is new and wonderful at the same time. Cassidy points out that one of her favorite things about us is the foundation of respect and honesty we have put into the relationship in these first two years of marriage and I have to agree. With her I have done the most mature, life changing things in my life, like moving to another state and challenging myself in my career. Supporting each other has allowed us to give each other the confidence to go after the things we want in life since as we make ourselves better we make our relationship better. Happy people are just that much more interesting to be around.

I really appreciate everything Cassidy gives me in life. I love her more than anything I can fathom, more than any way I can appropriately express. Cassidy brings balance to my life and helps me be a better person. Her unapologetic passion for the things she loves and her tireless dedication to others makes her the most honest, thoughtful person I’ve ever met. I can easily emotionally disconnect from things and it is usually my defense method for dealing with crap I don’t want to, but Cassidy reminds me of the importance and beauty in caring about the important things in your life. She reminds me that it is our duty as humans to care about shit. Plus, she is the most beautiful, gorgeous lady I have ever seen in my life which is a serious bonus.

Cassidy, I love you more than words and a GIF could express. You’ll forever have not just a pizza, but all of my heart.

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