Thank you San Francisco Giants

Though the season may be over I am still a very happy fan and looking forward to next year. I’m sure in all of the analysis of this season everyone will come back to the second half and everything that didn’t work. But, I think the second half of this season really showed what the team is made of and how you can’t count the Giants out that easily. It takes a lot of work to knock you out completely. Of course winning the World Series is the goal every year, but as a fan I’m happy to see the Giants being competitive. When September / October is coming around the Giants are a team people are talking about for the post season and that makes me very happy. Even with the year that the Giants had they were able to get into the postseason.

This season in particular was pretty memorable for me. My wife and I planned a trip to New York City this year, we’ve both never been, and you happen to be playing the Mets in the Wild Card game on the second night we were there. We went to Finnerty’s with our friends Wes and Joy to watch the game. I will never forget being in that bar when Gillaspie hit that home run. Holy shit that was awesome.

I will admit that there is a small part of me that is glad the Giants didn’t win it all this season. If they had it would perpetuate the silly even year stuff that, to be honest, I am over as a fan. I want the Giants to be competitive and go for it every year regardless of the last digits parity.

There are things to work on, so get started on preparing for next season Giants and let’s take it all next year. I will be there!

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