Upgraded to macOS Sierra

I am generally an early adopter of technological things. I like to get a new iPhone on launch day, which I did this year, and I like to download new operating systems once they are available. I have been burned by this in the past, but over time I have grown a willingness to wipe my computer clean and re-install the previous system. I do a pretty good job of backing up important files online that I am mostly okay with deleting my whole system on a whim to try out something new.

My only concern with upgrading was how it would effect my development environment on my machine. My environment is too complex, but I have set things up the way I like and it would be a pain if it stopped working as I expect. I did some simple research online for issues with Npm or Node.js and Sierra. I couldn’t find anything terrible, so I went for it. It just finished installing a few minutes ago and so far so good. I have opened both Atom and Hyperterm and they didn’t blow up on me. I should be good. If not, it will be a fun / horrific weekend project to go back. If you happen to know of something terrible I should know about regarding Node.js development on macOS Sierra please let me know.

Being that Siri is one of the tentpole features I gave it a shot first. I figure that the existing features of Siri on iOS should all work on macOS. I asked it to “open system preferences” and was told Siri couldn’t do that for me. Later on I asked Siri what it can do and saw the example where you have to tell it to “launch” the app you want opened. I did a web search which was cool, but it couldn’t open the results in Chrome after Siri found them.

I asked Siri to message my wife and after the third or fourth attempt I got it to work. I was frustrated that I had to tell Siri who my wife is even though I have already done this on my phone. I know Apple’s approach to AI assistant tech is to handle it on the device to promote user privacy and differentiate themselves from Google, but this definitely felt like a shortcoming. It felt weird that a service I use on my phone doesn’t have all of the same data when I go to use it on another device. In our everything is connected cloud internet service world, isn’t that the idea? I use a lot of Google products and that is one of my favorite things. I can sign in anywhere and have access to everything right away.

The other feature I was excited to try was the Universal Clipboard which looks to be super cool. It was so easy to setup and use that all I had to do after installing was make sure Bluetooth was turned on on my Mac. Since I’m using the same Apple Id on everything, like a sane person, and I have Handoff turned on it just worked. I copied a url in Chrome on my iPhone and pasted it into Chrome on my Mac. It took probably two or three seconds for it to be available. I tried pasting right away with no delay to see how fast it would be and on the second tap of V on my keyboard the URL pasted in as if it were copied on my computer. It was very cool.

So, I guess I like macOS Sierra. It is good to be on current software, but other than these two features I don’t know of anything else I will try to take advantage of. I will probably use Siri on my computer more since talking out loud to a device in my home rather than out in the wild makes sense to me.

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