Writing an API about myself for my Github page

All Github users have the option to make a personal page ({username}.github.io) from a repo. I have long had one setup with no content in it whatsoever. To check it out in all of its blank white page awesomeness you can go here, if you really want. I’ve always wanted to use this page to make a simple portfolio for my projects and show off some of the things that I have done in the realm of web development. As I learn more and more about building things for the web I have come to realize that I really enjoy backend processes much more than frontend work, hence my focus on NodeJS. And since Github pages only support frontend things like Javacript, CSS, and HTML I haven’t really put much effort into designing this page.

But, I want to have something fun and interesting. The other day I had a great idea. I will write up a server that will return an object that describes me and the work that I have done. It will be a resume in a JSON object, a kind of API all about me. I can make the main endpoint return the whole thing and set other endpoints to the various sections of it. Then I can build out the page to make AJAX requests to this server. I will host it on Heroku likely, the server that is, and maybe even set a dropdown for the various endpoints with a button to send the request. Then I will display the raw object on the page. This is a project I can get behind and will actually want to build.

I will admit that I have seen this done before by others and I am no way saying that I am doing something unique here, but it will definitely be fun. One in particular I have seen and really like is one by Ashley Williams, who works at NPM. I figure this kind of project will turn out much better than if I just tried to make a fancy looking page to be flashy. I am even thinking of making it text only and I might have it display the raw object. This will speak much more to the kinds of projects I like to work on. As I have been writing this I am thinking about the various sections and how I could have them break down. One section could be for full fledged web apps and another for CLIs that I have made. This will be fun indeed.

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