Saturday afternoon boldly going to the EMP

Cassidy and I went out to the EMP museum today. We are members there and always enjoy going. It is one of my favorite places in Seattle. We have been members since we moved up here. We really enjoy going to the opening night parties to celebrate a new exhibit and going out to the museum to see our favorite exhibits. Today we went out for the new Star Trek: Exploring New Worlds exhibit. This year is the 50th anniversary of Star Trek and the EMP has put together an awesome collection of costumes and props from the tv shows and movies along with some really cool interactive portions. There was this really neat one on the prime directive where you made a choice between interfering with an alien civilization or not. I made the correct choice of non-interference (Picard would have been proud) and Cassidy made a different choice.

I can safely say that Star Trek has had a gigantic impact on my life and how I view the world. Growing up I can remember how Star Trek spoke directly to me. It is some of the first science fiction I was ever exposed to and I can remember feeling it was something special, something that belonged to me. I found it in a time when I was starting to choose the things that I would like for myself. When you’re growing up your parents choose things for you to do, but eventually you get to choose for yourself. Star Trek is one of the first things I chose to like for myself. Walking up the stairs to the exhibit I had a suspicion I may have a serious emotional reaction to seeing everything. But, I was able to hold it together while we walked around everything, gleefully re-living memories of watching it all. Cassidy indulged me and took some pictures of me. One part of the exhibit is on the Borg and there is a regeneration alcove you can stand in for photos. Cassidy asked me if I wanted her to take my picture while I stood in it. Without hesitation I told her yes, yes I do.

I already want to go back and see the exhibit again, especially the interactive section where you stand on a transporter pad and they green screen you into a video so you can shoot phasers at stuff before getting beamed back.

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