Trying a new coffee and logging my cold brew batches


We went out to the Fremont Solstice events this weekend. While we were out there I saw Anchorhead coffee had a booth. I have seen them out at city events before and had their stuff. I picked up a bottle of their cold brew and also got some of their beans. Their cold brew is smooth and delicious. I hadn’t had it in awhile and it was good to be reminded of how much I like it. This is a first time for me getting beans from them and I’m excited to see what their roasted coffee is like. They had a few choices at their booth and I ended up going with their Leviathan. Blackberry and marshmallow sounds like a great combination in coffee, so it should be very interesting. I really like the packaging too. Not only is it a very clean design it is also super informative in regards to the coffee. As someone who geeks out on varietals/cultivars and process methods it is rad to get so much information about the beans. Having all of that information really helps me when I dissect the flavors of what I’m drinking. Most of the coffees I drink are blends of some kind, but they aren’t usually blends of regions. From my experience most coffees will blend the beans of various farms in a region to get their flavors. I am really interested to see how a South American coffee blends with an African one. I am going to try this one out with my Chemex first, but I bet it will make a great cold brew.

Speaking of cold brew, I am starting to keep a log of each time I make a batch. I am really wanting to take this process to a new level by figuring out something that is really good and super tasty. This will take a lot of trial and error and I need to keep track of what I’ve done. So, I started taking notes each time I do a batch of cold brew. I even makes notes after tasting it for the first time too. Then I enter it into a sheet later to have a digital copy. This way I will have a spreadsheet of every cold brew attempt and in case you’re wondering, yes, the idea of a spreadsheet of cold brew coffee data sounds amazing to me. It will really help me to get my recipe down to something unique and reproducible. I have only done it twice now, but it already feels like I will have better results over time since I won’t be retrying stuff that I don’t like just to see how I feel about it. I am really excited about it.

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