Tabs in my browser

I’m the kind of person that will have roughly a bajillion tabs in my browser open at any time, give or take. It helps me to organize things that I am working on, want to read later, or will share with people on the internets. Looking at them this morning it got me thinking that a good way to share them would be here in a list. Most of them are related to web development and my self-teaching pursuits in JavaScript and NodeJS.

  • Node for Beginners – great resource of links (a link in a list of links to a list of links?!?! Linkception!) from Raquel Vélez that covers places to learn JavaScript and NodeJS ranging from the beginner level up to advanced stuff.
  • Node Hero – a blog from RisingStack for learning NodeJS from the ground up. It is a blog series that updates weekly or sometimes bi-weekly with a new article on working in node with each topic building on the last one going the entire process of building an app.
  • Clippy.JS – this is too good to not share with everyone I know. I’ve already tweeted about it, but it deserves to be here too because it’s that good. It is a project from Smore that makes it super easy to implement everyone’s favorite digital assistant.
  • Botkit – an interesting project from Howdy to help make creating powerful Slack bots easy. My team switched to Slack as our main chat system awhile back and it got me interested in the world of Slack bots and making one for myself.
  • Meatcube – this one is technically related to code since I heard about it at a talk. I saw Ryan Lewis present on using Handlebars as a template system, which was super interesting. Ryan also mentioned that they run a small Japanese music label called Meatcube. I was immediately interested and have left it up in my browser since.
  • Make 8-bit Art – this is another one that is code related because it was made by a developer I recently followed on Twitter, Jenn Schiffer. They make all kinds of stuff, but also try to make art with code. This is one of their creations and it is a super fun site to draw and be silly with. It also makes me feel like playing Nintendo games all night, which is a pretty good feeling.


[UPDATED: May 2nd, 2016] – Got reached out to by someone at RisingStack on Twitter to let me know the Node Hero blog updates weekly or sometimes bi-weekly.

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