Pictures I took of my friends when they didn’t know

I’ve always found pictures of people to be some of the most interesting photos I’ve seen, especially ones taken more candidly when the subject hasn’t known they were getting their picture taken. We are at our most interesting and honest when don’t think anyone is looking at us. I see this all the time in street photography and have always wanted to try it myself. To be honest, the idea of someone yelling at me when they see me taking their photo and getting super mad at me keeps me from doing it. On occasion hanging out with friends I have had my camera out and taken a few photos.
These are just a few of them that came out alright. First is one of Cassidy I took last November while she was walking along the beach at Golden Gardens when her grandma Pat was visiting. Next, is a shot of our friend Dave I took when we went out for a boat ride on South Lake Union. Finally is a picture of our friend Jess when he was thinking about whistling, I assume. I’m not really sure, but it looks hilarious. I took each photo with my Canon DSLR and they were edited in Lightroom using my VSCO films.

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