Trying out this pen and paper stuff…

Firstly, let me say that the idea of writing about using pen and paper more on my internet blog-o-page and how silly that may be is not lost on me. To continue with the silliness, here is a picture of a dragon:

I drew that dragon in a notebook of mine on my commute to work the other day. I take public transportation to work since Cassidy and I don’t own a car. Recently I started using the newly opened section of light rail to cut some time off my trip. It has been very helpful, but since the whole train ride is underground I’ve noticed I don’t have cell phone service. Side note, this is not the case in Tokyo where I bought this notebook and cell service is everywhere, including underground on the subway. C’mon America.

Since I don’t have cell service it is difficult to check email or make reminders/notes for myself on my phone. All of my apps sync with something online which is awesome, but it’s only awesome if you have cell service. This got me thinking about other ways I would make these kind of notes before I had my phone.

So, I’ve taken some little notebooks of mine and started keeping them in my backpack. I have one for work and one for personal. Now, when I need to make notes in a meeting or have an idea for a joke that is likely only funny to me I jot it down in the corresponding notebook. I also take the time to sketch or draw something silly when I have free time, like when I’m commuting. Except for today since I am writing this blog post on my way to work.

It is a very liberating concept to step away from my phone and technology to do something simply. I don’t need cell service to draw a dragon or a robot crab clown monster thing that will haunt your dreams. And it’s a lot simpler to make reminders to email someone about setting up a meeting.

I’ve been the biggest proponent of technology and it replacing all of the “antiquated” things that don’t keep up for a long time now. As I think about it more I don’t think of the future as a paperless one, but a hybrid of old and new being used side by side because if it is the best tool for the job kinda doesn’t matter if the results work for you. Maybe then we can stop trying to make our technology emulate the things we are trying to replace. If we don’t replace them technology can be something of its own and unique. That sounds like a way cooler future to me.

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