Helping Handground with content

After writing my posts about the 3D printed pour over stand for Handground they have asked me to help out with some of the content for some articles. I have answered some surveys for them regarding my coffee making/drinking experiences. They have recently posted an article on things that coffee shops can do to surprise and delight their customers. I told them about a great experience I had at my favorite coffee shop in Seattle, Victrola Coffee, and they used it!
It is kinda cool to see my name printed under a quote, it doesn’t happen to me very often or at all really. Unless you count blog posts, but that is really just me blathering into the internet, quoting myself.

Anyways, if you feel like checking out the article you can find it here:

My story about Victrola can be found at “20. Teach customers to brew at home” under the Coffee Education section.

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