Handground Pour Over Coffee Stand – the final version

Recently I did a beta test for Handground of their 3D printed pour over stand. I have a post about it if you want to read how it went. It was a lot of fun to try it out and offer feedback on how the stand could be improved. The people at Handground were really receptive to the feedback I had and implemented each of the changes I thought would improve the stand. There were several other testers out there and we all had very similar feedback.

They went back to their designs and came up with a new version that has been made available to the rest of us who are invested in the Kickstarter. Overall I am really happy with the results. This time I got to pick the color and I chose to go with an awesome bright blue. The stand has more height to it so there is much more visibility to the flow of coffee coming into the cup and the bottom has been reworked so that the stand can sit flat on its own without my v60 or coffee mug in place.

There are still a couple of things I would fix on the stand though. I’ve noticed the front still dips forward when the v60 is full with coffee and water. Nothing spills out thankfully, but it does get close to the edge. In my first couple of pours with it I had to stop pouring and let the water drain some before continuing. This seems like a tough issue to solve since with the shape of the stand it gets all of its support from the rear and once there is coffee in it brewing the weight may be too much for the plastic.
Secondly, I chose to have the Handground logo cut out in the back of the stand because it looks super cool. As neat as it does look the edges of the logo are rough.

Both of these issues are due to the plastic material of the stand and the fact that it is 3D printed. These kind of issues are just part of the 3D printing world. At least, from my knowledge they are. As someone who is a big fan of 3D printing and understanding of its limitations I take these issues with the stand in stride and I am happy with it. This time around I paid for the stand to be made and I am happy with the price. When my wife saw the stand she pointed out the rough edges of the logo right away and asked me how much it cost. She said that if she had bought it she wouldn’t be happy at all. And I get what she’s saying.

The stand isn’t perfect, but it is still a big improvement from the first version and I really like it. If you are interested in home coffee making and you enjoy the fantastically interesting world of 3D printing I would suggest checking it out when you can. But, know that you are buying a 3D printed plastic item and that there are drawbacks to that manufacturing process.

I took some photos comparing the beta stand (the red one) and the final version (the blue one) that you can see below.

Let me know if you have any questions in the comments!

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