My First Cold Brew Coffee

I’ve been making coffee at home for a little over two years now and for the last year I have been getting more and more serious about my coffee making methods as well as my coffee knowledge. One of my favorite ways to drink coffee has been cold brewed coffee. It has a wholly different flavor from hot brewed coffee that showcases the flavor of the coffee in a very unique way.

A couple of my favorite cold brews are from Stumptown and Anchorhead. Both of them have a huge amount of flavor. The Stumptown Grand Cru this year was a cold brew that was super delicious.

As I’ve been working out my own coffee recipes, slowly working out the details of them to find a way that I can make delicious coffee at home I have always had the idea of making my own cold brew. Considering how much I enjoy drinking cold brew I have suspected that making cold brew coffee would become my jam and I would dive deeply into it.

Just recently I finally got going on making my own cold brew at home. I decided to try it out using a cold brew kit from the Coffee Sock Company. They make their own coffee filters from cotton and have these nice simple kits that are a sock filter inside a mason jar of various sizes. I went with the quart size as that should make a good amount of cold brew for me to drink. Depending on how this works out I am thinking about trying out using their cotton filters in my chemex or pour over processes.

Earlier today I got around to using the kit for the first time. On the Coffee Sock website they have lots of instructions and suggestions to get going. I took a look and put together my own recipe for a cold brew process. I am really excited for the results. I used my scale to weigh the beans before grinding and to weigh the water while I poured it as I usually do. It was really weird to be making coffee without boiling water or a timer going while I was pouring it. This is also the first time I made coffee and didn’t drink it immediately afterwards. I sealed it up and placed it in our fridge where it will sit until the morning.

Once I sealed it up I could see the extraction process had already begun turning the water amber. It looked beautiful.

cold brew coffee sitting on my kitchen counter
Just closed my first cold brew coffee using a Coffee Sock kit

Now for an exercise in patience for the next 6-10 hours.


I pulled the coffee out of my fridge this morning and it was delicious! Well, delicious for a first time trying something like this out. I used a really good coffee from Victrola. It is their Guatemala Huehuetenango. It is a very chocolaty, nutty blend that works really well for cold brew, I think. I started to think about the adjustments I could make for next time as I always do after brewing coffee. I think I want to experiment with a smaller grind size and brew time. For the next batch I am going to do a 24 hour brew time. This cold brew tastes just a little thin that I think more brewing time will solve. I most likely won’t adjust the grind this time. I don’t like to change more than one thing when adjusting a brew process. Then I know it real effect on the results. But, my hunch is that I will also need to use a little smaller grind size.

Here is a photo of the finished brew when I pulled it out of the fridge.

Finished cold brew coffee on my kitchen counter
My first cold brew after 18 hours of brew time

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