Geese in the fountain at the Seattle MOHAI

Geese at the MOHAI
Geese at the MOHAI

The MOHAI is a super rad museum in Seattle with exhibits ranging from the history of the Seattle’s founding and frontier days before statehood to the technology currently being created here. It is something I have come to really enjoy visiting to learn more about this city that Cassidy and I made our home almost four years ago.
On a random day back in 2013 I took a long walk around our neighborhood, Capitol Hill, and into South Lake Union with my Nikon EM loaded with Lomography Color Negative 400 film. This is the same camera I used on my day at SafeCo Field with Cassidy’s dad.
I took pictures of the things that caught my attention. One of which was a collection of geese that were hanging out around this fountain near the MOHAI. They were minding their own business and let me get pretty close to snap this photo.
That day was really fun to walk about and capture things. I don’t do it often and should more.
Anybody want to organize a photo walk in Seattle? What should we take pictures of?

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