I made a command line tool to lookup the weather

After typing in a zip code the results are shown on the command line.
After typing in a zip code the results are shown on the command line.

Now that I am putting the majority of my projects on Github I have been trying to come up with things to build. One of the first few things I set out to make was a command line app to get the current temperature based on a zip code. It is a simple node app that asks the user for a zip code, then looks up the current weather, and reports it back. I am using a couple of free APIs to make it happen. For the weather data I am using Forecast.io, but that requires a latitude and longitude to get the data. To get that based on a zip code I am using Zippopotam.us.
The basic flow of the app takes the user input using an npm package called Prompt and makes the request to Zippopotam.us. That returns a latitude and longitude for the zip code which is then passed into the call to Forecast.io along with a name for a city/town in the zip code.
The results are then printed out to the console in a basic sentence. I built something similar to this from a tutorial on NodeJS I did awhile back. I thought it would be a good starting point for getting up and running on Github as well as get me going on the “just build stuff” advice I get from basically everyone. I really liked the fact that this time around it was much easier to build and get working. I feel like I could have just built it in one sitting. I didn’t because I didn’t want to rush things, but it felt really good that this wasn’t as hard as I remember the tutorial being. It’s like I have actually learned a few things when it comes to building stuff in NodeJS.
If you want to see the code or even use the app yourself you can find the repo here. Feel free to submit a pull request if you come up with anything it needs.
I wouldn’t say this is complete, but it works pretty well. Let me know what you think!

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