Looking inside dead animals in Vancouver, Canada

Over Christmas Cassidy and I made our first trip to Canada since moving up to Seattle. Considering we have been here almost four years and how close we are to the border it took us way too long to do it. But, it was a great time and we both loved Vancouver. We plan on going back again many more times as well as other parts of British Columbia.

While we were there we took some time to check out this place called Science World, which is as awesome as it sounds. Since it was raining that day it was a good thing to do indoors for the afternoon. After taking a ferry to explore False Creek we ended our trip at Science World. It is a place with lots of interactive exhibits regarding all aspects of science. A great place to take kids or scientifically enthusiastic people in their 30’s.

One great exhibit was Body Worlds Animal Inside Out where they have several varieties of animals, including humans, on display that have been preserved and sliced open to see all of the inner workings of their biology. It was incredibly fascinating and educational to see how each of these bodies are built. It was also a great reminder of how we as humans are so very similar to so many other animals of the world.

I took a few pictures on my phone while walking through the exhibit. Have you seen a Body Worlds exhibit? What did you think?

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