Not a picture of the Usher, but a Usher rather…

Usher at SafeCo field
Usher at SafeCo field

In the summer of 2013 Cassidy’s parents came to visit us in Seattle. One day Cassidy and her mom went wedding dress shopping and her dad and I went to a baseball game. It was the Mariners versus the Red Sox. It was a fun day and we had a great time at the ballpark. As I am neither a Mariners or Red Sox fan, go Giants, I watched the game from a different perspective than I am used to doing. Normally watching baseball and the amazing, awesome, love them until I die San Francisco Giants I am devoting my attention to the game fully. This time I took the chance to observe things going on in the park around me. I brought my Nikon EM 35mm with me and snapped a few shots that day. One of which was this picture of the usher that helped us find our seats. He was very happy to be doing his job, helping people to have a good time and make sure everyone was having fun.

4 thoughts on “Not a picture of the Usher, but a Usher rather…

  1. Not a baseball fan, but love the shot!! When someone is having fun doing their job and is kind while providing his services, that can really make your day and/or bring a smile to your face.

    Thank you for sharing the photo and story!

    Kind regards,


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