Handground Coffee Grinder – Beta testing the pour over stand

Last year I came across a Kickstarter campaign for a new kind of hand coffee grinder appropriately named Handground. I have an electric coffee grinder, a Baratza Encore, that I have used daily for over two years. It works very well and suits my needs. The idea of trying out hand grinding coffee had been in my head recently as I was curious how it may affect flavor and I liked the idea of making coffee making more hands on, pun absolutely intended.

When I discovered the campaign for Handground I was very intrigued. I watched the video, did a little more research on hand grinding coffee and became a backer of the project. One of my favorite things about backing stuff on Kickstarter is getting to see the behind the scenes process of the final product coming to life. At least, when the individuals running the campaign are forthcoming with updates. Quick aside, if you ever do a crowdfunding campaign you absolutely must keep your backer’s up to date on the process even when there are delays. I have backed projects that have delivered on time with very little updates and backed others with delays that are regularly updated. In the end I am more satisfied with the projects that keep their backer’s updated. It just feels like a respect thing to me. But, I am getting off track here. That is probably a good idea for another post another time.

The people running the Handground campaign have been awesome. There have been delays with getting the final product out to everyone, but I feel they have kept everyone well informed of the process and how each decision being made, even ones that are delaying the process, are being made with making the best product possible in mind. I have appreciated it very much.

One of the cool things that they have done is to send out surveys to get input from everyone along the way. I try to fill out all of them. One of which was about making a Handground pour over stand to use in the coffee making process. I currently don’t have one for making pour overs at home, but have been researching adding on into my setup. I am still perfecting my pour over recipe and I am looking for a stand to have a better visual of the coffee flow from the v60 to judge my grind size better. So, this was a great opportunity.

I received an email later on from someone at Handground, Daniel, asking me if I would like to beta test the pour over stand they had created. I jumped at the chance to do it and got it in the mail a few days later. I just tried out making my first cup with it and overall I am really satisfied with it. I have included some pictures below and you can see how the stand is a horseshoe kind of loop that sits on its side to place the v60 on top and the coffee cup in the middle. The v60 fits perfectly into the stand and feels very secure. I noticed that before placing anything in the stand it leans backwards a little bit, which feels a little unstable. Maybe if the bottom of it was a little flatter the stand would sit better. Once the v60 was placed inside though the weight of that helped it to stop from leaning back. Working with it from there was straightforward. It didn’t get in the way of my usual pour over process. My other criticism was that the opening where the cup sat could be a little wider. The cup I was using is a pretty standard size one and there wasn’t a top of space between the bottom of the v60 and the top of the cup. This is good to help keep coffee from splattering about, but I want to use a stand in my pour over making process to be able to watch the flow of coffee going into the cup. I was able to do this, but if I am nitpicking here I would like to have had just a slightly better view.

As I said, I am really happy with the stand and I’m sure the final version will be awesome. This is a great start and only needs a few tweaks, in my opinion, to be perfect.

Check out the pictures below and feel free to ask me any questions in the comments.

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