Film photography at Volunteer Park – Seattle

I have a Nikon EM camera that Cassidy’s Dad gave to her and she gave to me to use. It is a 35mm film camera with a 50mm f/1.8 lens on it and is lots of fun to shoot with. I have used Lomography’s Color Negative 400 film in it along with their Earl Grey B&W 100 and have gotten some pretty good results. One of my favorite places in Seattle to take photos is Volunteer Park, specifically the water tower there. The park and the tower have been there since the early days of Seattle. There is a lot of history all over the park, especially in the water tower where there are a bunch of signs to read about the origins of the park.
I just really enjoy walking around there and looking at all of the little details. I snapped a few shots at the water tower using the Nikon EM and some of my Lomography Color Negative 400. There was a moody lighting in the tower that day that comes across really well and adds to the graininess of the film. Shooting film has always been fun and challenging for me as a photographer. I started to learning photography as a kid with film cameras as digital cameras didn’t really exist yet, but shooting digitally for so long I have to stop and remind myself of what I’m doing. I have slow down my process and remember that I can’t just shoot twenty shots of the same thing. Well, I could, but it would take up the majority of my roll. With 36 shots per roll I don’t want to use all of them on one subject.
One thing I really like about shooting film is it feels like an opportunity to be more in the moment when shooting rather than taking pictures and constantly reviewing what I’m getting in an LCD panel. I feel more connected to the subject when shooting film than when I am shooting digitally. This allows me to just observe the world around me and capture what is interesting. It was fun to do this at the water tower in Volunteer park.
Check out the pictures below.

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