I used to draw a comic and now I want to make a zine…

A number of years ago I tried my hand at drawing a web-comic that I called Adventures of Morose. I had this character I called Morose which was a little, black, star shaped, bat looking thing. Each comic was a few panels of crazy nonsense, which I generally made up as I was drawing it. It was really fun to do. I had the intent of doing a weekly comic, but only got three of them done. I didn’t realize how much time each one would take and how hard it would be to stay on that kind of schedule. And at the time I definitely wasn’t responsible enough to stick with something like that. Looking back, I should have drawn a bunch of them and then started publishing them weekly after I had several done. That way I would have a buffer of time to get new issues done and still be able to put out a weekly comic. I just didn’t plan well enough. I ended up calling it quits after three comics and haven’t tried since.

But, the creative process was pretty fun and I really liked making the comic. I’ve always enjoyed the stream of consciousness process for creating anything. Whether it be music, drawing the comic, or writing this blog I have always enjoyed just putting things on a page, letting my mind wander, and getting something down. Going back and editing is always an option. It feels like I am really capturing my thoughts or feelings at that exact moment and creating something unique. It also helped in the zaniness I was going for in the comic. The kind of ridiculous humor that I really enjoy and makes most other people think there is something wrong with me. I wanted this comic to be full of that stuff and it was.

Now that I am older, more responsible, and actually accomplish goals I set for myself I am thinking of trying my hand at something like this again. This time I really want to create a zine. This zine could be a collection of Morose adventures or it could be essays on subjects like why we should blow up the moon. I don’t really know. Most likely it will end up being drawings and sketches and just general wackiness to once again make people think there is seriously a part of my brain missing.

There is a scene here in Seattle of self-publishers and specifically zine makers. There are a lot in the Pacific Northwest really, so much that I’m pretty sure it has been made fun of on Portlandia. Really, I just want to make a zine and give it to my friends for them to put away in a junk drawer or throw away once I leave. It should be loads of fun.

If you feel like checking out the Adventures of Morose you can find them below. As I make stuff I will post updates here on the blog.

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