Inspired by airport boredom…

As I’m writing this I am sitting in the airport in Savannah, Georgia waiting for a flight. I should already be home and actually should be at work right now back in Seattle. My wife Cassidy and I came out to Savannah for a wedding this last weekend. We were scheduled to fly out yesterday, but due to a mechanical issue with a wheel the flight was delayed and eventually cancelled. We were given a night at a local hotel and are back to try getting home to Seattle again today.

With this I have had some time to pass sitting here and I’m finally getting around to something I have been meaning to do. When we were in Japan earlier this year I picked up a couple of simple sketchbooks. I intended to start drawing in them, but haven’t until now. I’ve never been that great at drawing, but I’ve always enjoyed it. Sketching little random characters and ideas is a fun way to be creative. I have gotten apps for my phone to sketch in, but it’s never felt the same as drawing with pencil on paper.

I tried drawing a comic with some characters I made up a few years ago, but I never kept up with it. Maybe I will get back into that. Maybe this can be for a zine which I’ve always wanted to do. But, for now I’m just going to enjoy drawing silly stuff.

Here is the first page of the book.


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