Random coffee shop is black and white

This coffee shop is a place in Seattle.
This coffee shop is a place in Seattle.

I was shooting with my Polaroid One Step camera today. I had a pack of Impossible Project’s Black & White 2.0 film in it. This particular picture was taken with similar film, but not today. I haven’t gotten around to scanning the pictures i took today, but wanted to share something after having black and white photos on my mind today, especially of the instant variety. I have been really pleased with the results of Impossible’s newest version of their black and white film. The contrast is awesome and the detail of the images can be stunning. The images develop also develop much faster, but my favorite feature has to be that it is no longer required to shield the images from the sun as they come out of the camera. With the previous version you had to have a frog tongue installed to cover the photos as they left your camera. Or, as I did, you had to get really good at shooting the photo and then swiftly getting the camera into your jacket to let it eject the picture in relative darkness. Then you awkwardly place the photo into the box your cartridge came in to let it develop away from sunlight.

Today, I was able to shoot the pictures I wanted without need of enacting my cat-like reflexes to get the camera under my coat in less than two seconds. Which will be great next summer to shoot without wearing a hoodie. Things can get a little sweaty when you’ve got a black hoodie on in ninety degrees.

This shot was taken this past summer when I was walking in no particular direction over to meet Cassidy at a friend’s house. I came across this coffee shop and snapped this shot as I walked by it. Unfortunately, I can’t seem to remember the name of the place or the street this was on. I wasn’t exactly paying attention to where I was going and due to the analog nature of the photo I don’t have location data to fall back on.

Oh well, once I get the pictures I took today scanned I will be sure to post some. Until then, please to enjoy!

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