My name is david inden. As the subject of this post says, I like coffee, code, and photography. This is where I plan to talk about these things. I am teaching myself to develop web applications, brew coffee, and take photos, both digitally and with film. Here I will talk about these things as I learn from my mistakes and triumphs and probably also occasionally state an opinion about the world around me. I hope you will enjoy.
I make no promises to never be vulgar as that is sometimes unavoidable, but I can promise that I will always be honest. In the past I have put together several of these blog thingys and this time I think it can stick. I like the idea of putting myself and my thoughts/creations out there for anyone and most likely no one to read.
I will try to keep most posts within the bounds of my three subjects, but if I feel like talking about something I’m probably going to do it.
Other things I like are sci-fi/fantasy books/tv shows/movies, so expect me to fly my nerd flag proudly and I’m pretty sure I can work in a Star Trek or Old Man’s War reference into a post about cold brew, just sayin.
So, come along and join me on this fantastic adventure that is the journey to the center of my brain. WARNING: May be wet and/or squishy.

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